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I've had a very old, ugly tape dispenser rolling around my house for years. I think my husband brought it with him when we moved in together 20 years ago. It was boring and ugly to start with and, after all those years, it looked even worse.

I was in the mood this weekend to make something. As I was sitting in my studio, brainstorming, my eye landed on the ugly tape dispenser. Viola! I could make it over and turn it into a handy-dandy tape dispenser. My husband thought I was nuts, but that's what sets the crafters in the world apart from everyone else. We can't help but make things prettier. Could I have gone out and bought a new tape dispenser? Yes, but would the fun in that be? If you are in the mood for a quick makeover project, here's how to update a tape dispenser and turn it into a thing of beauty.

Tape Dispenser Before & After



  1. If there is any advice on the dispenser, remove it. Clean the tape dispenser with dish soap and dry it thoroughly.
  2. Using painter's tape, cover the metal area that is used to cut the tape.
  3. Spray a light coat of spray paint over the entire tape dispenser. Allow to dry for 10 minutes.
  4. Spray a second coat of spray paint. Set aside to dry for 12-24 hours to completely cure.
  5. Load your favorite washi tape into your dispenser.

Disclaimer: I have a professional relationship with Krylon and received free product from them.

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