Tips to Stretch Your Holiday Craft Budget

Tips to Stretch Your Holiday Craft

I don't know about you, but I have pretty large collection of stamps and stencils and the majority are non-holiday themes. To be honest, I don't typically buy holiday themed goodies. It seems like a waste of money and space to buy something I can only use once year. Here are some ways you can stretch your craft stash and save some money in the process:

Treat Bag by Laura Bray Designs

  1. When purchasing reusable items like stamps, stencils, or dies, think about how the image might be used for a one (or more) of the holidays you celebrate. For example, I was able to stretch this FolkArt Stencil as a Halloween item. The curly branches on the tree are stylish for everyday, but with black paint and the right embellishments, it can also look a spooky tree. I was able to create a cute Halloween treat bag and a door hanger with the stencil. I'm thinking for Christmas I can paint it red and add some ornaments.
    Advent House by Laura Bray Designs

    See the post of this project here:

  2. Look for universal prints when buying paper and fabric. Polka dots, stripes, and chevron patterns in various colors work great for every day AND for holidays. A black and white chevron with orange paper and you have tons of Halloween paper crafting ahead of you, then pull the green and red out for Christmas. If you really love a holiday specific print, buy a small quantity and use the "everyday" prints to make it go further.
  3. Think outside the traditional holiday color palettes. No orange to go with your black and white stash for Halloween? How about some green or purple? Christmas can take on a retro-vibe with pinks and aquas.

With a little creativity, you can save money and still make some spectacular crafts this holiday season!

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