Studio Diary: January

Sketchbook watercolor by Laura Bray::

Sketchbook watercolor by Laura Bray:: Sketchbook watercolor by Laura Bray:: Sketchbook watercolor by Laura Bray:: Sketchbook watercolor by Laura Bray:: Sketchbook watercolor by Laura Bray::

At the beginning of January I wrote about my resolution to make time EVERY SINGLE DAY to work in my studio. Not to work on client projects, not even to work on artwork I will turn into products. Just time to get in my studio and make art. Today, I thought I would share with you how my practice in January went. While I started out great, I quickly reverted back to my old ways, finding a million excuses for not making the time to play in my studio. From January 12-22 I didn't make art at all. Some of my excuses included being too busy with client work and a large number of snow days resulting in my child and husband being home and underfoot. But these aren't the best excuses and I could have worked around them. But I am proud of myself for getting back on track on January 23 and I've been consistently at it every day since. In the past, I would have decided that ten days off meant I had to start over or I should just quit. Which isn't really true. This is my resolution and I make the rules.

This month I also realized that one of the biggest reasons I haven't been able to make a creative practice stick in the past is because I want every session to be perfect. I want to feel creative and happy and I want to produce beautiful art every single time. And when that doesn't happen (which undoubtly will happen) I tend to quit my daily practice and fall into a funk of self-doubt. This time, I got it. This is practice. Practice makes perfect, but it isn't perfect in of itself. I'm supposed to make a mess and sometimes I'll love what comes out of the studio and sometimes I won't but one isn't good and the other bad. It just is. Even if I'm in a totally crummy mood and I only sit there and make random marks on a paper, I'm still showing up and that's the whole point of this daily practice thing. I was reminded of a quote from the documentary, The Woodmans , I watched a few years ago. George Woodman spoke of the artistic family's intense dedication to their art saying that every day they have to show up in their studio. Even if they would just sit there and sharpen colored pencils the whole day, the important thing was to show up.

So I'm showing up. Every. Single. Day.

If you want to follow along, I post my sketches almost everyday over on Instagram.





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