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Basket with Gelatos

Clothesline bowls have been trending for awhile now and, while I was intrigued by them, I was also a little scared of them. I thought they might be hard to make. Turns out I was so very wrong! They are really a snap to make and they are very much as addicting as people say. In fact, they almost put you into a meditative state. I can say that with all honesty because I created my recent bowls after stomping up the stairs in a fit of anger . We are in the process of moving and my husband and I were getting snappy with each other and I needed to get away before I said anything I regretted. My husband laughs now because he said all he could hear upstairs was the furious whirling of my sewing machine as I sewed together bowl after bowl.And it really did calm me down.Round and round you go on the sewing machine, needing just enough brain power to take your mind off your troubles and, when all is said and done, you have a lovely bowl. I don't know about you, but a successful craft project always makes me happy!

Make a rope basket

Once I had my stack of clothesline bowls, I started decorating and embellishing them. I used Gelatos® to get some color on one of my bowls. I simply smashed up a bit of Gelato® in a small amount of water and then brushed the color onto the bowl randomly.

Step 1 Prep Gelatos

Step 2 Paint onto basket

I love how it turned out! It's a very simple, organic look. Then, since I had a few bowls left (What can I say? I was really angry!) I embellished another one. This time with bright, bold hand-drawn flowers. You can get the full tutorial for that bowl over on the Design Memory Craft blog.

Last Beauty Step 3

So why, not try your hand clothesline bowls? There are a million YouTube videos that will show you how and I think you'll be surprised by how relaxing it is to stitch them up.

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