Painting in Progress by Laura Bray All Rights Reserved

For a very long time now, I've put painting aside. I do watercolors in my journal, but I've just thought of those as sketches. I haven't touched a canvas or used actual watercolor paper in ages.  There is always a big discussion within the creative community about calling oneself an "artist".  Some believe anyone can be an artist, while other take great umbrage if the term is used by someone who hasn't been classically trained.  While I believe everyone is an artist, that it doesn't need to be a loaded word, I've never been able to embrace using it myself.  In fact, my husband got a stern talking to one night after he told people I was an artist at a party.  I felt exposed and open to criticism.  I prefer to call myself a designer.  It just feels more comfortable. I am slowly realizing that you believe what you say and the more I call myself a designer, the less I paint.  Hmmm.  Something to mull over.  Do I even need to label it? Right now, I think I'm just going to try to paint more often and worry about what to call myself later.  I mean, I have two names as it is: Laura, my legal name, and Katie, my nickname.  Half the world calls me one and half calls me the other.  I even have some unspoken rules about who can call me which name.  No wonder I'm confused!

Painting in Progress by Laura Bray All Rights Reserved

What do you think? Do you believe everyone has the right to call themselves an artist?  Do you call yourself an artist?  Why or why not?

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  1. leslierahye says:

    I "art" therefore I AM an artist! I do believe that.  I do have the training and the degree to prove it…but very few know that…[well now your whole world knows] but I create what makes me happy…I do not wish to be labeled or judged. I call myself an artist or a crafter [not the negative connotation of the word but rather the "formal" indication of those that worked in the craft movement in the US. Some of my work falls into that category] depending on what I've been working on. I do not think a person has to have the credentials to call themself an artist.

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