Pretty Pencil Holder


People who know me in "real" life would never believe this, but my studio is a mess. I'm neat freak when it comes to my home, but my studio? It looks like my high school bedroom. (I wasn't always concerned with being neat, right Mom?) Every once in awhile I go through and get organizedContinue Reading

A Day in the Life of Kunin Felt Enthusiasts Blog Hop

LB April Hop 2

Welcome to "A Day in the Life of Kunin Felt Enthusiasts" blog hop. Join us for a day with Kunin, from morning until night, whether a mug rug to enjoy your morning coffee from, working in the garden or a welcoming wreath on the front door, you are sure to be inspired by the greatContinue Reading

Monogrammed Herb Pots

Herb Pot Place Settings

It's almost Wedding and outdoor party season! I love to set a fancy table and these cute, monogrammed herb pots can really elevate a table setting and also serve as gifts for your guests.They would be great on Mother's Day gifts too. What would you use them for? You can get the full tutorial onContinue Reading

Printing with Vegetables

Printing with Bok Choy

When I was little I hated to eat vegetables and I spent a lot of time finding ways to get out of eating of them. When I was a toddler, my super-fun godfather would quickly eat my peas when my mom turned away. When I got older, I taught my younger siblings how to putContinue Reading

DIY Faux Nature Specimens

Egg Speciman

I've always been fascinated by the Victorian-age habit of collecting nature specimens and all that went along with it. From the walks through the English countryside, tea drinking, collecting, cataloging, sketching, and then displaying of in cabinets, the whole thing is just so interesting to me. It kind of shows you what people did beforeContinue Reading

DIY Mini-Notebooks for Your Creative Planner

Travel Notebook 1

I love tucking a cute, mini-notebook into my planner. I usually use it to make shopping or errands lists when I'm sitting at my desk then, when I'm heading out the door, I just slip it out of my planner and take it along with me. There are a lot of notebooks out there youContinue Reading

Glue Gun Tips and Tricks

 Glue Gun Tips and

I've been working as a designer for Adtech since November and have become a bit of an expert on glue guns (if I must say so myself). I have to admit, I used to be a little scared of glue guns-I worried about burning myself, or leaving it on and burning down my house.  IContinue Reading

DIY Easter Baskets

Easter Basket Beauty Shot

Easter is almost here! Can you believe it? When I was growing-up Easter at our house was on par with Christmas. My parents didn't believe in "spoiling" us by buying us gifts for no reason, but they would more than make up for it on the holidays. So, while our friends would get one basketContinue Reading

DIY Metallic Tote Bag

oly tote

Today, I'm taking part in the Designer Crafts Connection Blog Hop. We were sent some of the Oly*Fun Metallics to craft with. My first thought was to use the fabric for appliques on pillows, but then I decided to PAINT the fabric instead and use it to create a really cute tote bag. Metallics areContinue Reading

DIY Menu Board

LB Menu Board 1

This DIY Menu Board is bright and cheery and will lighten up any dinner party. I chose colors that are reminiscent of the French Countryside and, whenever I look at it, I think of long, wood tables, set-up in a sunny vineyard, loaded down with beautiful cheeses, crackers and bottle of wine. Here's how toContinue Reading