Countdown to Halloween: Two Days of Fun

Pumpkin Carving Ideas:

Pumpkin carving! Have you carved your pumpkins yet? I hate the mess, but I do love to see the finished product. My husband has gotten very fancy over the years with his pumpkin and my daughter's creativity always amazes me. I mean how cute was her Black Cat Pumpkin last year? Check-out the Pumpkin CarvingContinue Reading

Countdown to Halloween: Three Days of Fun

Pumpkin Enchiladas. Get the recipe on

Let's meal plan! Your trick or treaters are going to need full, warm bellies on Halloween night. What are you making them for dinner? I typically try to serve a high protein/high fiber meal. Not only does it keep my daughter full, it also slows the absorption of all that sugar she'll be eating later.Continue Reading

Countdown to Halloween: Four Days of Fun

Countdown to Halloween with Bake some festive cookies.

It's cookie time! Or make candy or cupcakes. Nothing makes a girl feel festive like a little holiday baking, so break out those ghost and pumpkin shaped cookie cutters and have some fun.

Countdown to Halloween: Five Days of Fun

Halloween Countdown with Buy a Halloween Book today!

Today, let's talk about books! At Christmas time, one of our Advent Activities is to go to the store and buy a new book for our Christmas library. The books only come out with the Christmas decorations, it's always a big event and we really enjoy reading our collection over the season. This year, I'mContinue Reading

Countdown to Halloween: Six Days of Fun

Countdown to Halloween with LauraBrayDesigns: Get your pumpkins today!

Are you still hanging in there with me? Following along of the countdown to Halloween? We're on the home stretch now. Today, head to the pumpkin patch and get those pumpkins before all the good ones are taken. It's a school day, but sometimes it's fun to sneak out afterschool or dinner and do somethingContinue Reading

Countdown to Halloween: 7 Days of Fun


Buy candy! You really don't want to be the house that's passing out the crummy candy just because you didn't get to the store in time to get the good stuff. Once it gets home, hide it, and whatever you do, don't open it until Halloween night. If you house is like mine, an openContinue Reading

Countdown to Halloween: 8 Days of Fun

Dia de los Muertos:

Date night! Don't let the kids have all the fun! Why not go out tonight with your significant other? See a scary movie or go to a local haunted house. My husband and I are heading out to Ghost Tour of a historic neighborhood for our Halloween date night. I can't wait!

Countdown to Halloween: 9 Days of Fun

Halloween Movie Night:

Movie Night! Time to watch a Halloween movie! What's your favorite? Did you miss my other posts in my Countdown to Halloween Series? Scroll down the blog and catch-up with us!

Countdown to Halloween: 10 Days of Fun


Today, organize your photos from past Halloweens. Make a book for your children of them in their costumes through the years. Use past Halloween photos as holiday decor. Don't forget to dig through your childhood photos and show your kids what you dressed-up as when you were their age. This is post is part ofContinue Reading

Countdown to Halloween: 11 Days of Fun

Woodland Fairy Costume by

Costumes: Are the costumes decided, purchased, and/or made? If not, don’t wait until the last minute! By giving yourself a little extra time, you can beat the last minute crowds at the costume shop and/or enjoy the process of making the costumes. Woodland Fairy Costume Tutorial (shown) Sushi Roll Costumer Tutorial