Family Adventures: La Brea Tar Pits & Page Museum

Tips for Your Visit to the La Brea Tar Pits and Page Museum:

We have recently dedicated ourselves to going on at least one family adventure each month. Although it can sometimes feel hard to get out of the house on the weekends, we find that we're always much more refreshed if we push ourselves to get out and explore. This weekend, we went to the La BreaContinue Reading

Washi Tape Dispenser

Make a Washi Tape

I've had a very old, ugly tape dispenser rolling around my house for years. I think my husband brought it with him when we moved in together 20 years ago. It was boring and ugly to start with and, after all those years, it looked even worse. I was in the mood this weekend toContinue Reading

Candy Cane Wreath Made with Drinking Straws!

Candy Cane Wreath made from drinking straws by

Here's the first of many holiday projects coming your way on my blog over the next two months. Today, I wanted to share my Candy Wreath. I created it using those super cool drinking straws that are EVERYWHERE. If you are like me, you love them, buy them, stick them in a drawer and forgetContinue Reading

Cool2Cast Blog Hop: Gift Charms

Cool2Cast Blog Hop Gift Charms:

I was recently sent a copy of Tiffany Windsor's new ebook, Cool2Cast. This little gem of an ebook has everything you need to know about using Cool2Cast, casting medium. I have to admit that I was little nervous about using the Cool2Cast until I read the book. The easy to ready instructions and helpful tipsContinue Reading

Halloween Popcorn Box Blog Hop Party

Halloween Popcorn Box:

It's that time of year again! Time for Laura Kelly's annual Halloween Popcorn Box Blog Hop! Yay! This year I decided to get all modern and make a graphic, chalkboard style popcorn box. Supplies: Cardboard popcorn box Scrapbook papers Black cardstock Martha Stewart's Liquid Chalk Martha Stewart's Adhesive Silkscreens in Carolyna Script Alphabet Martha Stewart'sContinue Reading

Tips to Stretch Your Holiday Craft Budget

Tips to Stretch Your Holiday Craft

I don't know about you, but I have pretty large collection of stamps and stencils and the majority are non-holiday themes. To be honest, I don't typically buy holiday themed goodies. It seems like a waste of money and space to buy something I can only use once year. Here are some ways you canContinue Reading


Intentional Consumption by Laura Bray Designs

Yesterday, I listened to a Creative Thursday podcast that touched on a topic I've been mulling over for a long time. In it, Marisa talks about how much information is out there in the world and how it's totally un-monitored. Which is good for freedom of speech, but not so good for reliability and content.Continue Reading

Pumpkin Tags

Paint Chip Treat Tags for

The gals over at the LaurasAreCool blog, are always sending other Lauras fun packages. They are filled with crafty goodies that are seasonally inspiring. I like to think of them as "Blog Posts in a Box" because I tend to sit down with my box of goodies and create something that I can share hereContinue Reading

Creative Business: Balance is a Myth

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There is no such thing as balance. For years, I have taught women to have balance in their lives. Balance between work and home, balance between self-care and the care of others.  But I was wrong. There is no such thing as balance. In today’ world, balance doesn’t exist. When you are working mom, tryingContinue Reading

Pumpkins for Fall


In my ongoing series of all things pumpkin, I thought I would share a project I did for Plaid's blog back in 2012. This is one of my most popular pumpkin projects and is perfect for those of you who don't want to do the whole Halloween thing. These pumpkins will carry you through theContinue Reading