I’m (re)writing a book

Envelope copy

Many years ago I wrote a series of business ebooks for creatives. Although I've been a professional craft designer for many years, I do have a MBA from my previous life as a mild-mannered business consultant. The books still sell and are still filled with useful information, but it's time for an update. The worldContinue Reading

Whale Mobile

Whale Mobile Beauty Shot copy

I created this whale mobile for the Smoothfoam blog. I originally intended to create a cute airplane mobile for a little boy's room. As I was painting the little,chubby planes, I realized they could look like whales if I painted them a certain a way. I completely changed course on the project and I'm soContinue Reading

Creative Planning with Children

Creative Planning with Children: LauraBrayDesigns.com

What's one of the biggest pains most women feel today? Balance. Most of us are daughters of women who fought for equal rights. The great news is, our mothers were successful. The bad news? We still haven't figured out how to balance work and family. Being the first generation of women who have more optionsContinue Reading

DIY Paper Plate Designs


Last week, I wrote a guest post about designing your own paper plates on Peace But Not Quiet. Instead of paint-which wouldn't be very good to put food on-I used food coloring. It's a simple project and is a great way to keep the kids busy. Set them up with a whole stack of paperContinue Reading

Make a Traveler’s Notebook from Felt

DIY Felt Traveler

If you are following the planner trend at all, you know that Midori (or "fauxdori") traveler's notebooks are very popular right now. Summer vacation is the perfect time to use them! I love the idea of slipping small notebooks in and out of a nice, cozy carrying case. Some traveler's notebooks are even the perfectContinue Reading

Beautiful Dreams Butterfly Dream Catcher

Butterfly Dream Catcher by LauraBrayDesigns.com

My daughter hasn't had very many bad dreams in her life. She didn't have night terrors when she was young,and I think she's woken us up twice in ten years because she had a bad dream. (Don't send hate mail, we just lucked out!) She has, however gone periods through periods of time when she'sContinue Reading

Holistic Bookkeeping

Holistic Financials

The one thing I hear the most from my coaching clients is that they don’t want to do their financials. Accounting/bookkeeping can be overwhelming and many entrepreneurs are afraid to look at their numbers because it might show that they are failing. What they don’t realize is that they are making themselves suffer even moreContinue Reading

Pom Pom Clothespin Push Pins

Pom Pom Flower Push Pins::LauraBrayDesigns.com

I love having a cork board hanging over my desk. I use it as an inspiration board and I also load it up with reminders. I prefer to use clothespin push pins instead of regular thumbtacks. By simply gluing a flat, basic thumbtack to the back of a spring-loaded clothespin, I create a way toContinue Reading

Pinterest in Real Life

Homemade Dryer Sheets::LauraBrayDesigns.com

I've been on a mission to work on my Pinterest marketing. It's one of my biggest referrers to my blog, yet I usually spend the least amount of time on it. That's silly, right? Anyway, since I've been over there, pinning away, I decided that maybe I should start actually DOING some of the tutorialsContinue Reading

Picnic Calzones Recipe

Picnic Calzones Recipe::LauraBrayDesigns.com

(A recent picnic.) When I was a little girl, my parents made a huge effort to take us on day trips every weekend. There were six of us, so that weren't fancy day trips. They were usually a drive into our local mountains for a hike or a trip to the beach. (That's me, totallyContinue Reading