(un)Busy Weekend

(un)Busy Weekend::LauraBrayDesigns.com

  I've been on a big kick this summer about how we are rotting away at home and need to get out and experience life on the weekends. Last week,as the long weekend began to loom ahead of us, I realized I was feeling stress. Then I realized how ridiculous it was to feel stressedContinue Reading

Soup & Sandwiches

Black Bean Soup & Quesadillas::LauraBrayDesigns.com

Is there anything better than soup and a sandwich when you need comfort? Grilled cheese sandwiches (muenster cheese on sourdough please) and tomato soup are my usual choice but lately I've changed it up with a Southwest twist. Delicious black bean soup (from The Family Dinner: Great Ways to Connect with Your Kids, One MealContinue Reading

Back to School Countdown Series: The Extras

Back to School Countdown Series:LauraBrayDesigns.com

If you have been following along with my Back to School Countdown, you should have school clothes and supplies purchased and organized, school lunches ready to go, and a homework station waiting for the first worksheets that will come in your door. So what now? This post is for the over-achievers out there. If youContinue Reading

Back to School Countdown: School Lunch

Back to School Countdown: Lunches & Dinners: Laura Bray Designs

We're in the final stretch of the Back to School Countdown. My daughter starts school in a week and a half. I know many of you have already started. Don't get discouraged! You can still work through the Countdown with me. Better late than never, right? Today, we're going to talk a little about food.Continue Reading

Back to School Countdown: Paperwork Organization

Back to School Countdown Paperwork Organization: Laura Bray Designs

Paperwork is probably one of the leading causes of clutter. My child brings tons of paperwork each week. It can easily take over your home and make you stressed out. After a few years of trying different organization methods, this is what works for me. The best tip I can give you is to dealContinue Reading

Summer isn’t over yet

Summer isn

Today, I'm a little break from the Back to School Countdown. My daughter doesn't go back to school until September 4. While I want to be as prepared as I can for it, I also don't want to lose these precious last days of her break to planning. We are spending extra time at theContinue Reading

Back to School Countdown: Piggy Pen Holder

Piggy Pencil Holder by Laura Bray Designs

Why not dress up your homework station with this whimsical pen & pencil holder? Supplies: Paper mache pig Foam paintbrush Fabric scraps Power drill and bit Mod Podge Instructions: Cut your fabric scraps into small pieces. Using a brush, apply Mod Podge to pig and then smooth the fabric scraps onto the surface. Once theContinue Reading

Back to School Countdown: Homework Organization

Back to School Countdown: Homework Organization: Laura Bray Designs

Yes. I said the “H” word. Many of us are veterans of the homework wars. There will be lost homework, fights over doing homework, and general tears. I can’t guarantee that these issues will go away, but a little organization might make it all go easier this year. Designate a homework station. Organize a deskContinue Reading

Back to School Countdown: School Supplies

Back to School Countdown to Organization with Laura Bray

How are you doing on your Back to School Countdown? Are you ready for the first day of school? Did you get the school clothes in order? Today, we're talking school supplies. I think school supply shopping has always been my favorite part of back to school time. I love the smell of new pencils!Continue Reading

Back to School Countdown Series: School Clothes Craft

Organize your school day mornings with this simple tip! www.laurabraydesigns.com

Yesterday, many of you of told me you really liked the idea of how I my daughter and I pick-out her school clothes weekly. It really is a great tip that will make your mornings go much faster. Last year, I posted a tutorial for creating hangers for the process, but my daughter and IContinue Reading