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I love to share my latest creative inspiration with you!

My monthly, email newsletters are tailored to you and your interests. Are you a hobby crafter? Do you want to get a monthly newsletter that inspires you? Sign-up for my Crafty Lifestyle newsletter! Are you trying to turn your creative hobby into a business? Get my monthly business tips newsletter. Want both newsletters? You can do that too! Can't decide yet? Check-out some of my past issues to see what works for you!

You can also be the first to know when I launch my affordable Group Coaching Program and my new Rubber Stamp Line! Just click on the boxes below. Please know that I don't spam or overload my readers' inboxes with  emails. I consider my newsletter readers to be like pen pals. I want to send you letters with links that will help you live and work creatively and will let you know what I'm up to. And, just like "real life" pen pals, I love to hear back from my readers. I get so excited when someone responds to my newsletters and asks questions or tells me about their creative journey. Let's keep in touch!


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Want to learn how to write newsletters for your creative business? I wrote an ebook with all the tricks and tips I've learned over the past 15 years I've been writing them. Buy it here.