Mother’s Day Painted Glassware Set with Martha Stewart Crafts

Painted Glassware #marthastewartcrafts #mothersdayI'm very excited to have teamed up with Martha Stewart crafts to bring you this special Mother's Day project today!  It's the perfect gift for your "mommy friends".  Don't all moms need to hear, especially from other moms, that they are doing a good job and deserve break?  Make your friend this cute drink set and tell her how great you think she is.  Then break out the lemonade (or anything else you might like to drink) kick up your feet and enjoy the afternoon together.  Here's how to create this super girly, painted glassware set:

Painted Glassware #marthastewartcrafts #mothersdaySupplies for a painted glassware set

Instructions for a painted glassware set

  1. Cut the large paisley screen from the Martha Stewart Crafts Adhesive Silkscreen.
  2. Remove the backing from the screen and smooth it over your glass piece.  Make sure there are no gaps!Painted Glassware #marthastewartcrafts #mothersday
  3. Using a foam pouncer, lightly dab paint onto over the silkscreen. Painted Glassware #marthastewartcrafts #mothersday
  4. While paint is still wet, carefully pull the silkscreen from the glass being careful not to smear the design.Painted Glassware #marthastewartcrafts #mothersday
  5. Set glass aside to dry.
  6. Repeat with other glassware pieces, making sure you rinse the silkscreen between pieces. 
  7. When complete, return the silkscreen to the backing paper and store.  Reuse in other projects!

This is a really easy technique and the results come out amazing!  I've always struggled with traditional stencils because I was always too lazy to tape them down properly.  Now I can be lazy and still get professional looking results.  While I was working on this project, I have to admit I went a little nuts and we now have a lot of household items that have painted paisleys on them.   Painted Glassware #marthastewartcrafts #mothersday

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3 Responses to Mother’s Day Painted Glassware Set with Martha Stewart Crafts

  1. Vicki O'Dell says:

    Oh! I love this idea. I'm thinking a Sangria pitcher and glasses. 🙂

  2. Amy Anderson says:

    I love the turquoise and red together – these are really fun!

    • Laura Bray says:

      Thanks Amy. Turquoise and red and one of my favorite color cominations.  Right up there with teal and orange.  Thanks for stopping by!

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