Meet Laura

Family Portrait

I wanted to be a hairdresser and drive a Trans Am. That was my first childhood dream. After receiving a set of Fashion Plates ® for my tenth birthday, I changed my mind and wanted to be a fashion designer. That dream stuck with me until a very mean high school teacher informed me that I had no artistic talent. I ended up getting an MBA and running a Human Resources firm instead.

In 2005, my daughter was born and I decided to embark on a journey to recover my creativity. I started a professional craft design business in 2007 and have been crafting away ever since. On my blog, I share craft tutorials, recipes, lifestyle advice, and business advice for other artists and crafters (because I have to use that MBA somewhere!).

In my design business, my client list includes: Kunin, Smoothfoam, Plaid, Velcro, and many other top craft manufacturers. My work has been featured on the PBS show, Creative Living with Sheryl Borden, and in magazines, books, and websites including: Stampington’s family of magazines, Romantic Homes, and Huffington Post.

I live in Southern Calfornia with my physicist husband, our ten year old daughter, and a hamster named Hamony Snickett.