Making Valentines

Bird Valentines by Laura Bray

I'm proud to say that I'm still working away on my daily drawings. If you remember, I'm drawing/painting one bird each day. I missed a couple of days during the CHA trade show, but I'm back to it. That's really the key to sticking to your resolutions-to not give up just because you goofed up. It's not an all-or-nothing race. If you miss a day of drawing or eat a sweet or don't exercise, don't use that as an excuse to throw aside the resolution. Forgive yourself and pick back up where you left off. Your journey to your resolution won't be perfect, but there is great beauty in taking each day as a new chance to get it right.

By sticking with my resolution, I'm building up a nice collection of images that I will use as starting points for building my art licensing portfolio. I'm also finding that I have all sorts of craft projects to incorporate these images into. Yesterday a little Valentine bird appeared on my paper and, after she dried, she asked me to make her into Valentines. She told me she felt very cozy being tucked inside the envelope and loves to peek out and say hello!

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