Make an Ice Skate Scarf

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I have never ice skated. I have no desire to ice skate. My daughter on the other hand loves it. She's always asking us to take her to the local rink. She loves ice skating so much that she had her birthday party at an ice rink. In June. (Cause that's how we roll in Cali.) In honor of her party, I made her this skate scarf and, since nothing is sacred, I then uploaded the tutorial for making it onto the Kunin Group's Craft Blog.

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Here's how you can make your own skate scarf.



  1. Cut 1 rectangles of white felt measuring 25” x 50” 2. Cut 1 rectangle of blue felt measuring 17” x 5” 3.
  2. Cut out a shape of an ice skate from felt. Hand stitch the applique onto one end of blue rectangle.
  3. Center and pin the rectangle of blue felt onto the rectangle of white. Stitch along all four sides to attach the blue rectangle onto the white rectangle.
  4. Cut 4 strips of blue felt, measuring .5” x 5”. 6. Cut 4 strips of light blue felt, measuring 1” x 5”. 7.
  5. Sew alternating strips of light and blue felt onto the scarf. Stich a total of 4 on each side of the scarf. Make sure you lay the stripes directly under the skate applique, leaving approximately 4-5” of the white felt to be cut as fringe.

LB Skate Scarf Dec 28 Photo 2

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  1. My son also had his birthday party at the skate rink. In June. In California. Unlike you, I love ice skating and was out there with all the kids during his party. 🙂 

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