Make a Cupcake Lunchbox with Craft Attitude and Guest Designer Olivia Bray

I'm proud to hand my blog over to my talented daughter Olivia Bray today.  She was asked by Craft Attitude and Jonathan Fong to do a back to school project using Craft Attitude Printable Film.  Without further ado, her she is to share her lunchbox project with you!

Child's Lunchbox Tutorial|

Hi!  My name is Olivia and I LOVE to craft!  Today I'm going to show you how to put your artwork on a lunchbox.  Everyone at school will be jealous, but you can teach them how to do it too!

Child's Lunchbox Tutorial|


  • White, metal lunchbox
  • Craft Attitude Printable Film
  • Glitter stickers (everything is better with glitter!)
  • Glue stick
  • Ribbon


Step One:

Draw a picture

Child's Lunchbox Tutorial|

Step Two:

Print it on the Craft Attitude film.  Follow the instructions on the package and let the printed image dry for at least two hours.

Step Three:

Cut out your picture.

Child's Lunchbox Tutorial|

Step Four:

Using a glue stick, apply glue to the lunchbox where you want your picture to go.

Child's Lunchbox Tutorial|

Step Five:

Peel off the backing from the film.

Child's Lunchbox Tutorial|

Step Six:

Smooth the film over the lunchbox.  Be sure to push out wrinkles.

Child's Lunchbox Tutorial|

Step Seven:

Put stickers on lunchbox.

Child's Lunchbox Tutorial|

Step Eight:

Tie a ribbon to the handle if you want to and get ready for school!

Child's Lunchbox Tutorial|

Here's a picture of me and my new friend Jonathan Fong.  He likes the lunchbox.

Child's Lunchbox Tutorial|

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Disclosure:  I received product and/or payment in exchange for this post.



21 Responses to Make a Cupcake Lunchbox with Craft Attitude and Guest Designer Olivia Bray

  1. Jenny Miller says:

    That is a beautiful lunch box Olivia, you did such a good job, and a good job on the instructions! Maybe I will have to make one for work =  )  So proud of my little crafty blooger neice!  Great Job!

    Love you,

    Auntie Jenny

  2. Trish Hodge says:

    Olivia, you are so creative. That is the most beautiful lunchbox I have ever seen. Makes me want to change my name to Olivia so I can borrow it from you. Have a great school year!

  3. Wendy Allen says:

    Olivia! You are so creative and crafty. I am so proud that you have your very own blog post. You are going to be such a famous artist when you grow up (or maybe even before). I love your cupcake lunchbox.<3

  4. Marcia says:

    Hi Olivia,

    What a great lunchbox!  You make it look easy and fun.  I hope many young people see this and try it themselves.   Have a great school year.

  5. Matt Jakositz says:

    Olivia, That is one beautiful lunchbox.  You might have to start up a production line and start selling them at school.

  6. Reina Miller says:

    Wow Olivia this is a very unique and cool lunch box!  I love your blog post.

  7. Anita Wehnert says:

    Wow, Olivia – that is beautiful. You are so creative and talented! Great job 🙂

  8. Jonathan F says:

    How cute is this? This lunchbox makes me want to go back to school. Olivia rocks!

  9. Laura says:

    Your first blog post and what an exciting one it is! Your work is beautiful and you are on your way as an amazing and popular artist. I am jealous that you are friends with Jonathan Fong! Love you so.


  10. Nancy says:

    What a wonderful project and amazing blog!  I will be showing this to my two granddaughters who will love your idea too.  Keep creating!

  11. Love it!  Great job Olivia!!


  12. Roxana says:

    I like that idea. It's cute! I want to try that out too.

  13. Marisa says:

    Soooo cute and so creative!! I can't wait to make one for my daughter… okay, it's really for me! 

  14. Jody Payne says:

    Olivia, what a cool project! Your directions are clear and easy, and the lunch box turned out FAB! Can't wait to see what you come up with next. Jody Payne

  15. Bruce Bray says:

    I love you lunch box.  You are such a great crafter Olivia.

  16. Ms. Olivia, you did such a great job I had to look at your fabulous tutorial 3 times.  Imagine that … you pulled me so far into what you were doing that I kept coming back for more.  You are so talented and your proejct is amazing.  I am very impressed.  Thank you for sharing!!!

  17. Mistys says:

    Love this. Great work. Where did you get the lunchbox?


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