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Make a bolster pillow on a Knifty Knitter Loom {}I am so loving playing with the Yarn Along crowd. As I venture further into the knitting community, I'm finding that knitters are some of the sweetest crafters around. They chat, they make encouraging comments. It's really a super nice group.

Make a bolster pillow on a Knifty Knitter Loom {}This week, I knitted a bolster pillow cover on my circular loom.  Lots of people thing the round looms are just for making hats but that's not true.  Think "round, knitted tube" and you'll be amazed by the ideas that pop into your head.  I love my bolster pillow-I simply bought a pillow form, fitted my round looms over the pillow until I found the right size and then followed the loom directions for making hat.  The only difference in the instructions is that you knit it long enough to fit your pillow form and make these changes to the finishing:

  1. Stuff your pillow into the finished tube.
  2. Go back to the brim, run some yarn through your stitches with a yarn needle and pull it closed. 

That's pretty easy, right?  I'm debating if I'm going to add some large buttons to the ends of the pillow to embellish it a bit, although… I do like it plain and, since we'll actually be using it to support our weary heads, I want to keep it nice and soft.

As for reading, I've been going to the library and getting all the books on yarn and knitting I can find.  Right now, I'm adapting project ideas to my loom, but I'm guessing that I'll be learning to really knit soon.  It's too addictive!

Make a bolster pillow on a Knifty Knitter Loom {}My latest knitting book discovery is Alterknits: Imaginative Projects and Creativity Exercises.  I love how interactive it is.  In the book, she poses a question, "If you could invite any three people (alive or dead) to hang out and knit with you, who would you invite and why?"

Now, I'm not sure if any or all of these people knit, but this is one of my lists. (Who can only pick three?)

Dorothy Parker–  I'd love to have a few martinis with her and listen to her wit as she knits.

Benjamin Franklin– I love his knowledge.  I love his list making.  He's was interested in so many different things-I'm thinking we would never run out of things to talk about.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez-My favorite author.  I want him to weave magical realism into a big scarf for me to wear.

How about you?  Who would you invite to your knitting party?  If you don't knit, who would you invite to your crafting party?

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  1. Wow I love this question! I can't believe no one has responded! I'm totally going to share this on my blog 😉

    I would want to knit with Courtney Love (wouldn't that be entertaining?), Frida Kahlo (I'm going through a Mexican art phase -I'm reading her cookbook right now), Kaffe Fassett (He could tell a tale or two), or Dumbledore (maybe we could swap sock knitting magazines)

    • Laura Bray says:


      I was surprised no one answered too!  I think it’s a pretty fun question.  I love your guest choices.  I’d love to see Courtney Love and Dorothy Parker at the same party!  LOL!

  2. andrea says:

    hi, do you have any tutorial show how to knit it?

    thank you,

    • Laura Bray says:

      I used a round knitting loom. Instead of closing up one end (as you would for a hat), I just kept going until the tube was the length I wanted, then took it off the loom, and closed the ends one I had inserted the pillow into it. Easy!

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