Be Kinder to Yourself

This weekend it was cold and raining in Southern California and I used it as an excuse to hole up with my family and recover from a tough February. My grandmother passed away, my husband and daughter were very ill with stomach flu, and there was just your usual busyness. Which meant that I became overloaded and emotional. I think my problem was that I wasn't able to just hide away and grieve for a few days. I found that I was tearing-up for little or no reason and that I was becoming overly sensitive to everything.

Usually, I want to hide in a corner when I get like this, but this weekend I tried a new approach. I thought about all the little things that  make me really happy, and found time to do most of them this weekend. Here are few of the ways that I was kind to myself:

  • We ate breakfast in front of a roaring fire. Such a cozy way to start a rainy day.
  • My daughter and I had a little tea party. I made some tea, served it in "real" teacups and put out some banana bread. We had a really nice chat and I think I may try to have similar tea parties in lieu of afterschool snacks.
  • At around 4:00pm, I made a yummy snack of roasted chickpeas. My husband and I had cocktails and my daughter had a Shirley Temple. We chatted while I made dinner.
  • We had pizza and watched a movie-Akeelah and the Bee. It was a fun and cozy family night.
  • On Sunday, we all puttered around, doing our own things. I took some time to watch some episodes of Lark Rise to Candleford while I embroidered a new pattern I'm working on.
  • We ended our weekend by watching the Oscars together. I printed out some ballots, we all guessed the winners, and had a good time seeing who guessed right.

I'm feeling much better today and ready to take on the world. Hope you had an equally soothing weekend.

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  1. Laura, this is just what I think I need as well. You and I both share a very rough February with the loss of our Grandmothers. I have felt just as you described. Today as you know from acebook I made something for myself, which I never do…But boy did it feel good. I think I will spend the remainder of the weekend pampering myself. A tea party sounds great too…I can have one with my daughter. Hoping you too will mend while you move on into your daily life. Will be thinking of you. And if you ever wish to chat. I am here. Email me or chat on Facebook. Blessings. Mica

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