Gingerbread House Gift Tags and Ornaments

GIngerbread House Ornament

If you want to make homemade gifts this year, but don't have the time, take it easy on yourself and just get creative with the gift wrap instead. It's less stressful and takes less time to whip some homemade wrapping paper and make some cute gift tags, but you can still feel like you are giving your loved ones a handmade holiday.

For my gift wrap, I just cut up some brown paper bags and painted pine trees on it in a random pattern. You can also stamp images on for an even quicker solution. For the Gingerbread House gift tags, I used Smoothfoam's House Shape and painted it to look like a Gingerbread House.  I love how the wrapping paper tells a story of a little gingerbread house, tucked into the woods. It makes me feel all warm and festive and I hope it does the same for the gift recipient. The great thing about the gingerbread house gift tag is that can also be used as an ornament when the gift is unwrapped.

Here's how to make a Gingerbread House Gift Tag:


  • Smoothfoam House Shape
  • Tan paint
  • White & red dimensional paint
  • Holiday embellishment such as small mushroom shapes (optional)
  • Small hook
  • Red & White baker's twine


  1. Paint the house shape with tan paint, Allow to dry completely.
  2. Add gingerbread design using dimensional paints. Set aside to dry overnight.
  3. Glue embellishments onto the house if using.
  4. Insert hook into the top of the house.
  5. Thread baker's twine to attach the house to a gift. Use the back of the house to write the gift information.

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