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Pay What You Want Program

Inspired by this TED talk and the book, Saved: How I quit worrying a became the richest guy in the world, I've decided to occasionally offer some of ebooks with a "pay what you think is fair" option.  That means, if you need/want the ebook and can't pay anything, just chose the penny option.  (Paypal won't let me offer it for zero. If you want it for no charge, go to my contact page and email me.)  All I ask is that you pay it forward somehow.  You don't have to barter back to me directly but bake a cake for your elderly neighbor or something.  If you have a few bucks, and want to help support me and my family, I've got a couple of paid options too-just pick the price that you think is fair and that your budget can handle.  The offers will be changed from time to time and you will be able to find them on my Freebie page. 

To launch the program, I'm offering my Craft Fairs Ebook.  It's filled with tips and tricks for success when selling your handmade products at craft fairs.  I figured we are pushing up against the holiday craft show season and this ebook would be most helpful right now.  To order, just click on the button below.  There's a drop down menu of what you want to pay.  Then, within 24 business hours, I'll email the ebook to you at your Paypal email address.

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