Flocked Easter Eggs

Embellished Flocked Easter Eggs www.laurabraydesigns.comI can't believe how fast Easter got here this year!  I have a large collection of plastic eggs and I recently came across some that were flocked.  They've been rolling around my studio and I came up with the idea of giving them some bling.  Tulip's Beads in a Bottle were a quick and easy to solution for embellishments.  I just squeezed on some dots in a floral shape and let them dry.  I think they are pretty cute and a certain seven year old girl came in my studio the other day, saw them and was throwing hints about how lovely they were and she "sure wished she had some". I'm suspicious the Easter Bunny may sneak into my studio and borrow them for her basket this year.

Embellished Flocked Easter Eggs www.laurabraydesigns.com

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