Dyed Tea Box

Dyed Tea Box

There's two things I believe in:

  1. Spoil your guests
  2. Spoil yourself

This dyed, wood tea box accomplishes both. When I have guests over for a meal, I want the food to taste delicious, the table to be set beautifully, and I want to add special touches throughout the meal. I don't do this to show-off or be like "Martha". I do it out of love. If someone is close enough to me to be invited into my house for a meal, I want to show them how much I care about them. I want them to feel special, loved, and relaxed and the way I do this is through little touches like offering tea after the meal. But I don't want to throw a couple of cardboard boxes onto the table for them to choose their tea from. I want them to have the same experience they would have at a fine restaurant. I want to bring them a pretty, wooden box, filled with teas. A little jewel box from which they can daintily take a tea of their choice.

Dyed Tea Box

I also think we need to show ourselves the same love. Is there anything better than taking a special tea break in the middle of a busy day? Even if you are home alone, pulling a pretty tea box from your shelf and choosing a tea feels almost like you are choosing a chocolate from a big heart-shaped box. It elevates the moment to a ritual. And rituals remind us to slow down and enjoy life.

Here's how you can make a special tea box for yourself and your guests.



1.  Cover work surface with a plastic table cover.  Place paper towels on plastic to help absorb dye when spraying. Be sure to wear gloves to prevent dyeing your hands!

2.  Choose dye colors.  Shake dye bottles before using. Mix dye following the recipe on the bottle.  Pour dye into a spray bottle and a small dish.

3Arrange your stencil onto the lid of the wood box. Spray Easy-Tack on backside of the stencil, following manufacturer’s directions. Then position on lid and press down firmly.

4.  Spray dye over the stencil.  The stencil acts as a resist for the dye and will create a pattern when removed. Spray in light,even coats. There may be some bleed beneath the stencil, but that just gives the design a soft appearance.

5. Paint the sides of the box with the dye, using a foam brush. Use light coats of dye.

6. Do not remove the stencil.  Use a heat gun to heat set the dye. DO NOT microwave! The box has metal hinges!

7.  Add embellishments to the design if you want. I added some small dots of glitter glue to add sparkle the lid of the box.

8. Cut up craft paper to line the inside of the box. Use craft glue to adhere to the interior of the box.

Disclaimer: I have a professional relationship with Rit Dye, Krylon and Walnut Hollow and received free product. The opinions and tutorials are my own.


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  1. Jamie says:

    Beautiful – this would be great for my Grandma who loves tea!! Pinned & Tweeted!

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