DIY Felt Prosperity Hens Garland

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Note: This project originally appeared on the Kunin Felt Craft Blog. I was paid for the original post.

Do you believe in magic? You read so much about "prosperity thinking" but does it really work? I think it does. While I love the idea that you can put your wishes out into the universe and they will come true, I think the real magic of "prosperity thinking" is that, by really thinking about what you want, you start to take steps to make them happen. So maybe it's a combination of magic and good, old fashioned gumption?

The tradition of “prosperity hens” comes from India. Typically, garlands, with birds made from old sari material, are strung together with beads and bells. It is believed that, if you hang them in your doorway, they will invite wealth into your home. Today, I wanted to share my take on the prosperity hens garland, using felt of course! I don’t know if they will really bring me wealth, but I decided it wouldn’t hurt to hang these darling, felt hens on my studio door, just for "cuteness! Plus, they remind me everyday that I have the power to make things happen!

Supplies to make a Prosperity Hens Garland:

Instructions to make a Prosperity Hens garland:

Prosperity Hens 3

  1. Using the Prosperity Hens pattern, cut out two hen shapes and one wing shape for each bird.I made a garland with seven hens, but you can make as many as you want.
  2. Using embroidery floss, stich a decorative flower onto the wing of the hen. (Look at the photo at the top of the post for inspiration. I added some sequins onto some of the wings too!)
  3. Using a running stitch, sew the wing onto one of the hen shapes. Pin the second hen shape to the back of the piece with the wing, and attach together by stitching. Don’t forget to stuff the bird a bit to give some dimension.
  4. For an added touch, use embroidery floss (or a wired wrapped floss) to add some tail feathers to the bird.
  5. Paint designs onto the wood beads with acrylic paint. Allow to dry completely.
  6. Cut a length of Baker’s twine that is a few inches longer than all your hens and beads lined up. Tie one end to your bell.
  7. Thread the Baker’s twine into a plastic yarn needle and then begin threading your beads and hens onto it. At the end, tie a loop for hanging.

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