DIY Accessories with Mod Podge Melts

DIY Accessories with Mod Podge Melts:

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Last weekend, my daughter was a little emotional. She usually gets that way when I've been working a lot. The best way to reconnect with her is a little crafting time, so I broke out my new Mod Podge Melts goodies and we spent a good two hours, holed up in the studio, making fun Mod Podge Melts DIY accessories. Hair clips, earrings, rings were created, much fun was had, and a lot of bonding happened. I desperately hope that, as she grows up, we can still find a way to connect over crafts.

Mod Podge Melts are incredibly easy to make. Just follow the instructions on the packaging. You can also watch some great videos on the Plaid website. Once your melts are made, the real fun can start! Get out your sequins and crystals and jewelry findings and start creating!. Initially, we used craft glue to attach the melts to the findings, but they popped off. Plaid recommends that you use a drop or two of the melts to attach the findings. I'm thinking hot glue might work too.

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