Building Blocks

German Wooden Toys: www.laurabraydesigns.comWe had a relatively quiet weekend. On Sunday, I pulled out one of my old childhood toys and presented it to my daughter. It's a box of castle themed blocks from Germany.  I think my godmother brought them back for me as a gift when I was child.  My daughter was instantly taken with them and began building her village and a town.  This led to great stories being told to me about the people who lived in her town; a Lord, a Lady, and their Princess.

German Wooden Toys: www.laurabraydesigns.comThe town also has a baker and seamstress who got married and moved their houses together.  A song was made up involving them and their black dog, Rover.  As my daughter played at our (very) beat-up coffee table, I sketched her town, took photos, and enjoyed watching and listening to her.  I haven't seen the set in a number of years and some of the pieces made me feel funny inside.  You know that feeling you get when you see or hear or smell something and it brings back memories you don't even remember having?  Those little wood trees-I loved them when I was a child-yet I had completely forgotten them until I opened the box and it all came flooding back.  It also made me realize how important it is for me to guide my daughter towards toys that encourage her imagination.  I couldn't believe the amount of creativity and magic that flowed out of that tiny box of blocks.  It makes a mom want to throw away all those silly plastic toys that only do one thing.  But that's not really possible is it?  I feel as though I've opened Pandora's box-once I let those useless toys in, it's pretty hard to get rid of them.  I am, occasionally, sneaky and make a few things disappear when my daughter is at school.  The things she won't miss and whenever I hear "I'm bored", things like these building blocks are offered up as a solution.

German Wooden Toys: www.laurabraydesigns.comWhat about you?  Were you able to keep the useless, licensed, plastic toys out of your house?  If not, do you feel as I do? You know they need to go, but don't know how to make them disappear?  I know, I know.  I'm the mom and I can pull rank, but then I'm always worried that, if I take away her toys, she'll one day be a hoarder and it will all be my fault!  (I'm only half kidding.)  I mean, I don't want to get take away her favorite her toys.  Just the garbage that she doesn't play with until she sees me carrying it away and then, suddenly, it's her dearest possession!  So, if any of you have successfully purged toys, please let me know how you did it.  And, if you are a mom of a baby, and think you might want to focus on imaginative and creative play later, don't let the plastic stuff in!  It's easier to keep it out than get rid of it!

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