Crafts for Kids: Pipe Cleaners

Crafts for Kids: Pipe Cleaner Flower Rings at

This summer, I've been making an effort to make the time every afternoon to do something creative with my daughter.  It's not hard to come up with creative ideas, but it is hard to make time.  As the clock was ticking away the other day, and I was carrying yet another load of laundry to my room, I made a very intentional decision.  At first, I thought I would fold the laundry and THEN do the craft.  But I risked time running out before dinner needed to be made.  So I stopped and asked myself, "Is she going to remember me folding the laundry or doing a craft with her?"  Guess which answer I arrived at?  So, for an hour, we made pipe cleaner animals and flower rings.  I felt great afterwards.  My daughter was happy, I was relaxed, and the laundry still got done.  In fact, my daughter helped me fold it!  But, do you want to know the best part?  My daughter still calls pipe cleaners "piper cleaners".  I hope she never outgrows that.

Crafts for Kids Pipe Cleaner Animals at

Crafts for Kids Pipe Cleaner Animals at

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6 Responses to Crafts for Kids: Pipe Cleaners

  1. Alanna Bobulinski says:

    How did you make the turtles? Can a 4 year old make them? What or how many supplies did you need?

    thank you

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