Cinco De Mayo Blog Hop with Craftwell & Sabor Papel

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It's party time! I'm pleased to be part of fun, Cinco de Mayo blog hop featuring Sabor Papel and Craftwell.

Sabor's beautiful papers are all you need to create stunning party decor for your Cinco de Mayo and summer parties. I used Sabor Papel's collection of papers and embellishments to create beautiful paper lanterns that can either hang from trees or be placed on your tables. (Just be sure you use battery-operated candles with paper lanterns!) I used Sabor's embellishment packs to create picks for the cocktails and cupcakes I was serving. Here's how you can make some:

Cocktail & Cupcake Picks:

Simply glue the skewer onto the pack of the embellishment and they are ready! See? I told you it was easy!

Want some recipes for your Cinco de Mayo party? Get my Chipolte Salsa recipe here or my Enchilada Recipe here.

Enchilada Recipe


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I invite you to click through the rest of this blog hop to get even more great ideas for celebrating Cinco de Mayo.


45 Responses to Cinco De Mayo Blog Hop with Craftwell & Sabor Papel

  1. JustYolie says:

    Pretty paper lanterrns!!

  2. Annette Gonzalez says:

    It's Party Time!  Great idea using cans for decoration.

  3. Super fun lanterns! Perfect for this celebration for sure 🙂

  4. Tonya davidson says:

    How fun!! Great use of materials! 

  5. Carmela Hubler says:

    Love your lanterns.  I would like to give that a try!

    • Laura Bray says:

      Thank you Carmela! Do give it a try. It’s very easy and you can use any paper to match your party decor.

  6. Peggy says:

    What a fun project! I love it! 

  7. Really fun projects and I need those maregaitas and that salsa in my life muy pronto senorita!

  8. Elisa M Rojas says:

    Love the lanterns and picks!

  9. Debby Jones says:

    Yummy looking food!  Beautiful lanterns. 

  10. pat says:

    Thank you

  11. Peggie says:

    So cute!  I love the  paper  lanterns!

  12. mary schmidt says:

    I'd love an invite to such a festive party! Great job.

  13. Carla Hundley says:

    Wonderful party ideas,

    love the paper used on

    the lanterns!

    Carla from Utah 

  14. Sharon SMith says:

    I love making these lanterns with my daughter – gorgeous paper choices xx

  15. Luisa PaperCrafts says:

    Beautiful lanterns and the cupcake picks. Great idea =)

  16. Monique says:

    Oh my gosh it's all so cute. I am so loving this paper.

  17. Ruby says:

    How cute the lantern.5

  18. Sabrina Lozano says:

    Super cute idea!

  19. Donna Dobberstine says:

    Neat paper craft for children!

  20. Sukie Dhillon says:

    Your cupcake toppers and lanterns are absolutley gorgeous!  Such pretty papers and patterns!  Great way to add some pop of color to your fiesta!

  21. Dawn Thiesen says:

    Hi Laura, I tried to sign up for your newsletter, but it wouldn't let me. What a cute, inventive idea of the lanterns, they're adorable. Gosh you made me hungry, my favorite food in all the world, Mexican, especially homemade chips and salsa.

    • Laura Bray says:


      I’m sorry you had trouble signing-up for my newsletter! I went in and was able to sign-up. I would love it if you would give another try. You can also visit my blog and sign-up in the sidebar-maybe that would work better for you. I hope you will give it another try, I would love to stay in touch with you.

      Laura Bray

  22. Jan says:

    Love how you incorporated the papers into the lanterns and the pick!  Fun party!

  23. Beverly says:

    Love what you did with your project! very cute and creative!

  24. Renee Ybarra says:

    Love your paper lanters they look so cute. The picks are really cute too.

  25. Belinda Perez says:


  26. pam bray says:

    Cute lanterns and party decorations!!!

  27. Migdalia Rodriguez says:

    Such a fun idea!! Very pretty!

  28. Jean Heming says:

    pass some around ,I'mhungry, looke delish!!!

  29. Wow!!  Looking at your food made me hungry and I want a margarita now!  Great lamps and beautiful papers!

    Carmen L



  30. Such terrific party deorwith the lanterns! Gorgeous embellishments to top the cupcakes with, too! 

  31. Mireya tite says:

    I'm going to use so many of these ideas for my gramas 90th fiesta! 


  32. Estela says:

    Love the colors and designs! Fits the festive ambiance!

  33. ava gavloski says:

    great summer presentation

  34. Angela says:

    Great ideas!

  35. Love those paper lanterns. They really look festive. 

  36. Karen Wilde says:

    I love these lanterns!  I would make those just to hang in my craft room to add some color and "fun" to my space.  And you're right, those picks are easy to make.  Thanks for sharing your ideas and recipes.

  37. Denise Bryant says:

    Pretty lanterns and cupcake toppers!

  38. Ericha Champagne says:

    Love this

  39. Mitsyana Wright says:

    Absolutely love the cake toppers! That party looked like lots of fun!!

  40. arpita says:

    Love the colors and designs. Perfect for this celebration for sure .

    <a href=""></a&gt;

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