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Pumpkins for Fall

Thanksgiving Centerpiece:laurabraydesigns.comIn my ongoing series of all things pumpkin, I thought I would share a project I did for Plaid's blog back in 2012. This is one of my most popular pumpkin projects and is perfect for those of you who don't want to do the whole Halloween thing. These pumpkins will carry you through the entire Fall season and would make centerpieces for Thanksgiving.


  • Real or fake pumpkins
  • Permanent marker in brown
  • Aqua blue ribbon
  • Fall berry floral picks
  • Paint brush
  • Candles
  • FolkArt Acrylic Paint-987 Wicker White*


  1. Decide on a simple design to paint on your pumpkins.  I used polka dots (created by dipping a stencil pouncer into paint and pressing on pumpkins randomly) and swirls.  Be brave!  You don’t have to be an artist to splash some paint on pumpkins.  Remember nature has some imperfections, so if your designs aren’t perfect, just call tell people you were going for an “organic” look!
  2. Allow paint to dry and then outline the designs you painted with brown permanent marker.  This will give the painted design dimension.  Make sure your markers are not water-soluble as these will smear and you will make a mess on your pumpkin and cry.  I’m just sayin…
  3. Cut out the top of your two smallest pumpkins and tuck a candle in each one.  Or just slice off the top and make sure there a flat, stable place to stand a candle on the pumpkin.
  4. Slip some fall themed floral picks around the candles on the small pumpkins and on the top of the large pumpkin.
  5. Tie a ribbon around the largest pumpkin.  Add bows to the tops of all the pumpkins.  You can attach the ribbons with glue or, if you want to use the ribbons again, just fasten them onto the pumpkin with small pins.

Note: Keep safety in mind!  Faux floral picks, ribbons and fake pumpkins can be a fire hazard!  If you choose to use these items, I recommend using some battery powered candles.  There are some great ones out there and you won’t have to worry about sharing your pumpkin pie with the fire department or worry about our littlest guests getting their curious fingers burned!

Thanksgiving Centerpiece


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*Disclaimer: I have a professional relationship with Plaid and recevied supplies and compensation for this tutorial.


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