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Tips for Middle School Moms

My daughter is entering middle school in August. I don't know about you, but it scares me. Probably more than other childhood stage I've experienced with her. I remember junior high all too well and it was not a pretty time. Then there's the hormones that will be surging soon, likely turning my very rational little girl into who knows what. There's the worry attached to letting go and allowing her to experience more independence.

But there's also the "stage" I'm going through. She needs me less (at least for her basic needs like food and clothes), which opens up more time for me and, all though I've had my own business, I've always kept a careful cap on it, telling myself I couldn't "go big" because I was needed at home. Now that excuse is disappearing and I have no one to blame but myself for staying small and avoiding adventure.

If you know me, you know that whenever I am faced with a problem, I research the living daylights out of it and then formulate a plan. (That sounds very sane, I should probably mention that I often cry and have a little pity party, get sick of myself, and THEN I research the problem.) In my latest efforts to get my daughter prepared for middle school, I came across Michelle Icard's wonderful essay, Seven Tips for Having the Best Time in Middle School. It has great tips and I think my daughter will benefit from it and I will encourage her to implement many of the tips. But I'm thinking it probably wouldn't hurt me to take some of those seven tips and apply them to my situation either. Read the article as if it's titled, Seven Tips for Having the Best Time in Middle Age. I won't rewrite the article, but I would invite you to go back and read it as though it was written for you, not just you, the parent of a middle of schooler, but you, a middle aged woman who is moving into a new stage in her life, and possibly having some hormonal changes too (ahem). Read it through that lens and see where it takes you. I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.




Summer & Pillowcases

Liv with pillowcase

  I have strong childhood memories of spending a week every summer at my maternal grandparent's house. We lived in Ohio through most of my childhood and my grandparents lived in Parma, Ohio, about an hour away from us. They had a few acres filled with an apple orchard, a hugs blueberry bush, grapes, andContinue Reading

Everything I never knew I wanted

Peonies Painting

I've been struggling lately. For some reason, I just can't nail down what I want to do. I don't know where I want to take my business. If I even want to keep having a business. I sometimes think I should just chuck it all and get "real" job. But then I fall into aContinue Reading

How to Write Successful Newsletters

Newsletter Ebook Graphic

Do you send out newsletters? Do you collect email addresses from fans and friends on social media? If you don't, you are missing out on one of the most successful ways to stay in touch with potential clients. I'm a huge fan of newsletters. In my younger days, when I was a human resources businessContinue Reading

Tips for Sending Your Kids to Camp

Camp Checklist

Disclosure: I received free product from Stickerkid in exchange for a review of their products. The opinions are mine. The links to StickerKid are affiliate links-I will earn a small commission for purchases made via the links. (Which will help me offset the camp costs, so if you are going to order some labels IContinue Reading

Patio Chair Makeover

Pillow Badge

One of my favorite things to do in the Spring is to freshen up my patio for the warm months ahead. I don't have much of a design budget though, so I usually try to add one or two new items and then I "shop" around my house and mix and match the things IContinue Reading

Taking Control of Your Creative Business

Desk Photo stock

"If you don't waste your energy on variables you cannot influence, you can focus much more effectively on those you can." -Dan Harris I've been thinking a lot about this quote. To be honest, my life is in a bit of an upheaval right now. My husband was laid off in December. Which means myContinue Reading

On Motherhood and Business

Motherhood and Business

The other day, my daughter asked me what I "do" when I coach my clients. I explained to her that I help women, who have their own businesses, find a way to balance their work and motherhood. Immediately, she told me, "Well, they should listen to you because you do a great job of that!"Continue Reading

3 Tips for a Colorful Yard + A Mini Project

Colorful Ideas for your yard

It's National Craft Month! Time to get crafty in ALL areas of your life! Today, I wanted to share a few tips for bringing color into your backyard or patio. 1. Pick a palette. While it's tempting to plant a rainbow of flowers in your yard, you'll get a more dramatic look if you stickContinue Reading

Everything Just Come Easily To Me

Desk Photo stock

A few weeks ago, I was wasting time, scrolling through my Instagram feed, when I read a post from Lacy Young. She was writing about a client who was complaining that everything is just so hard. And Lacy told her to wonder what would happen if instead of saying (and thinking) everything she wanted wasContinue Reading