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Tips and tricks for growing plants, children and your crafty business

In Our Garden


The unusually mild winter we had this year, means that our garden is farther along than usual for this time of year. Our garden in May, looks as far along as it usually does in July. This weekend, we even ate some of our first tomatoes for breakfast.

We had a nice BBQ with friends on Sunday, so we spruced the place up a bit. I thought I would share some photos before we messed it up again.

I filled in some bare spots in our succulent pot by our front door. Our front door faces Southwest and gets CRAZY sun and heat in the summer. The only thing I can keep alive out there is succulents. But that's okay, because I love them!


This is where my husband and I spent yesterday afternoon. Our daughter was off playing at the neighbor's house, so we spent a quiet hour (or two) with some martinis and our books. It was lovely. I put the chairs in a new place and it's apparently the side of the bird superhighway. The birds whiz by right in front of us as they head to our bird feeder.

DPatio Decor

Our herb garden is growing strong. I added lemon balm this year. I'm interested in growing and using more healing herbs. If you can recommend your favorite healing herbs or any resources about them, please share!

Growing Herbs

We moved our tomatoes this year. They are tucked into a planter where we grow lavender. I don't know if it's the increased sun or the fact that the lavender attracts lots of bees, but we are getting a lot more tomatoes this year. Yay!

Growing Tomatoes

All in all, we are quite pleased with our garden is growing. How's yours?



Dating an Artist

Linchen Cluster by Polly Jacobs Giacchina

About seven years ago I read The Artist's Way and changed my life. After reading it, I took the plunge, leaving my business consulting job and heading full-on into building a creative business. One of the most effective tools in The Artist's Way is to go on weekly "artist dates". The idea is to takeContinue Reading

Taking Back Sundays

Sunday Breakfast

I had the best Sunday this weekend. We didn't have any plans. The weather was beautiful. My little family was all together. We started the day with a big breakfast of French toast, bacon, and fruit salad. I always take care when I set our Sunday breakfast table. I have the time and it makesContinue Reading

Sketchbooks and Journals

Keeping Sketchbooks by Laura Bray

I've been keeping sketchbooks since 2007. Lately, I've been wondering if I'm utilizing them as much as I should. They generally seem to sit on a shelf. I occasionally pull one down, but not often. As I delve further into the idea of working on drawing and painting, I'm thinking I need to change that.Continue Reading

Be Kinder to Yourself

Be Kinder to Yourself Print by Laura Bray

This weekend it was cold and raining in Southern California and I used it as an excuse to hole up with my family and recover from a tough February. My grandmother passed away, my husband and daughter were very ill with stomach flu, and there was just your usual busyness. Which meant that I becameContinue Reading

Cuckoo Clock Progression

Cuckoo Clock

I've been talking a lot about my art process lately and I hope you will continue to humor me. This year, I've vowed to push myself outside of my comfort zone. When I first made that promise to myself, I thought it would be easy. I don't know why-I guess I just thought I wouldContinue Reading

Pom Pom Crazy

Flower Pom Poms

I'm still obsessed with pom poms. I have a pile that it is growing larger by the minute and I have a feeling it's going to get even larger because yesterday I bought a Japanese craft book on pom poms. I'm learning how to get designs into my pom poms. Yes! Designs! The photo showsContinue Reading

Friday Finds

Laura Bray Designs

I've got a super fantastic craft tutorial for you but it's not ready yet so I thought I would share some stuff that I'm doing instead of writing my awesome tutorial. I personally always find something inspiring whenever I read other blogger's recommendations, so I hope I can do the same for you today. *MyContinue Reading

Drawing Princesses

Fairy Tale Illustrations by Laura Bray

A few months ago, my daughter came home from school and burst into tears. She threw her Hans Christian Andersen book down on the table and informed she would no longer be reading it. She had picked it up at the library bookstore because it had her favorite fairy tale in it, The Little Mermaid.Continue Reading

How to Write a Thank You Note

Thank You Notes Final

The holiday decorations are put away (hopefully), the toys have found new homes (hopefully), and it's time to get your kids to write thank you notes. Not always easy. I was an odd child. I loved writing thank you notes. Actually, I think I was more fascinated with using my really cool, vanilla scented, iceContinue Reading