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Happy Halloween!


I hope you enjoyed following along my Countdown to Halloween series. For the last day, I though I would talk about candy and what to do about it. Many parents today try to limit the amount of sugar their children eat, which makes a pillowcase full of candy a very difficult thing to deal with. I've heard of some parents using the "Switch Witch" idea. At the end of the night, have your children pick out the candy want to keep-you may have to tell them they only keep what will fit in a certain bowl, because you know they will want to keep it all. Then have them leave the "extra" candy out overnight. The "Switch Witch" will come and swap out the extra candy for a gift.

At our house, my daughter is allergic to red food dye so we pull out all the red candy and pay her for it. Then we take her to the bookstore to buy a new book with the money.

What do you do?

Have a safe and very happy Halloween tonight!

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