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Summer isn’t over yet

Summer isn't over yet: Laura Bray Designs

Pool lunch

Pepper Painting by Laura Bray

Pepper Painting by Laura Bray

Today, I'm a little break from the Back to School Countdown. My daughter doesn't go back to school until September 4. While I want to be as prepared as I can for it, I also don't want to lose these precious last days of her break to planning. We are spending extra time at the pool and the beach and we even set up our watercolors outside today. As a "Type A" personality, I have found that I spent a large part of the first half of my life planning for the future and working towards goals. As I've gotten older (ahem), I have realized how important living in the moment is. We're only going to have one Summer 2014. I don't want to miss the end of it because I'm planning away for the 2014-2015 school year. I still struggle to find a balance sometimes, but I think I'm getting better at it.

I'm also trying to remember that just because school is starting, summer (the season) isn't over. The days may not be as long and full of freedom, but it's still summer. I see some pool & beach visits after school in our future. (Whoops! See how hard it is to the break the habit of planning ahead?) I guess what I'm saying is that, as much as I love fall, I'm planning to squeeze every moment of summer into my life and live it to its fullest. How about you?

Back to School Countdown: Homework Organization

Back to School Countdown: Homework Organization: Laura Bray Designs

Yes. I said the “H” word. Many of us are veterans of the homework wars. There will be lost homework, fights over doing homework, and general tears. I can’t guarantee that these issues will go away, but a little organization might make it all go easier this year. Designate a homework station. Organize a deskContinue Reading

Back to School Countdown: School Supplies

Back to School Countdown to Organization with Laura Bray

How are you doing on your Back to School Countdown? Are you ready for the first day of school? Did you get the school clothes in order? Today, we're talking school supplies. I think school supply shopping has always been my favorite part of back to school time. I love the smell of new pencils!Continue Reading

Back to School Countdown Series: School Clothes Craft

Organize your school day mornings with this simple tip!

Yesterday, many of you of told me you really liked the idea of how I my daughter and I pick-out her school clothes weekly. It really is a great tip that will make your mornings go much faster. Last year, I posted a tutorial for creating hangers for the process, but my daughter and IContinue Reading

Back to School Countdown: School Clothes

Back to School Organization: School Clothes

It's almost time for school start. I'm determined to be better organized and more prepared this year and, since school is now less than a month away, I figured it was time to get started. I also figured you might need a little push too, so I'm going to do a little blog series aboutContinue Reading

Portrait of a Lady

Portrait of a Lady by Laura Bray

Back in the day, when I was doing more collage, I collected a few vintage photographs. They've been collecting dust in a photo box ever since. I'm trying to do a major overhaul of my studio right now and, when I stumbled over these photos, I couldn't bring myself to get rid of them (whichContinue Reading

Summer Mornings

Chocolate-Chocolate Chip Muffins: Laura Bray Designs

What I wanted to do yesterday morning: Work What I did yesterday morning: Baked homemade, chocolate-chocolate chip muffins and watched a movie with my little girl. Why I did it: Because in a few, short years she'll be sleeping all day or off to the beach with her friends. I'll have all the time inContinue Reading

In Our Garden


The unusually mild winter we had this year, means that our garden is farther along than usual for this time of year. Our garden in May, looks as far along as it usually does in July. This weekend, we even ate some of our first tomatoes for breakfast. We had a nice BBQ with friendsContinue Reading

Dating an Artist

Linchen Cluster by Polly Jacobs Giacchina

About seven years ago I read The Artist's Way and changed my life. After reading it, I took the plunge, leaving my business consulting job and heading full-on into building a creative business. One of the most effective tools in The Artist's Way is to go on weekly "artist dates". The idea is to takeContinue Reading

Taking Back Sundays

Sunday Breakfast

I had the best Sunday this weekend. We didn't have any plans. The weather was beautiful. My little family was all together. We started the day with a big breakfast of French toast, bacon, and fruit salad. I always take care when I set our Sunday breakfast table. I have the time and it makesContinue Reading