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How to Write Successful Newsletters

Newsletter Ebook Graphic

Do you send out newsletters? Do you collect email addresses from fans and friends on social media? If you don't, you are missing out on one of the most successful ways to stay in touch with potential clients.

I'm a huge fan of newsletters. In my younger days, when I was a human resources business consultant, electronic newsletters were just emerging onto the market (yes, I am THAT old!). I jumped on the band wagon early and started sending out a newsletter to people I met at networking events and I quickly realized how very powerful newsletters were as a marketing tool. Every month, I would send out a newsletter and, within a few days, the leads and inquiries would start to pour in. My newsletters reminded my network about my services. I would often hear from my readers, telling me someone just asked them if they could recommend a good HR consultant and then my newsletter would arrive and they would remember to tell them about me. But I don't want to just tell you about my newsletter experiences, so I reached out to my newsletter subscriber list a few months ago and offered up the chance for someone to get my How to Write a Newsletter Ebook for free and do a case study with me. I received quite a few responses and happily picked the very talented Asha Menghrajani for my case study participant.

Asha Photo Courtesy of Asha Menghrajani

Asha’s Artwork Photo Courtesy of Asha Menghrajani

Asha Menghrajani is an artist whose vision is to inspire humanity to live a creative lifestyle and experience self-awareness in her work. Her belief that everyone is an artist, and she hopes to awaken the silent voice in every artistic soul so that they can breathe life with purpose and intention. Asha applies her business acumen selling her art and supporting other artists with their work. To learn more about Asha, visit her website at

Once Asha received my ebook, she was asked to work through it and produce her first newsletter. I also offered a complimentary coaching session to help support her. Once she was done with her first newsletter, I sent her interview questions to learn about her experience.

A little about Asha's creative business:

Asha's creative ability was recognized at a young age of 14, which despite her strong cultural upbringing was encouraged to pursue painting as a career. She has a college degree in Business Management and continually takes art and design courses to keep current with her ever developing style. Prior to becoming an artist, she worked for the family business gaining experience in sales and merchandising. The Fashion accessory business allowed her enough exposure to strengthen her ability in forecasting trends, build strong customer relations, and utilize her creative intuition. Asha decided to invest her time creating her art work and finding ways to generate multiple streams of income with her paintings. Her choice of subject vary from abstracts, landscapes to cityscapes. Her work can also be found in prints, posters and tapestries. She is currently working on writing small articles about art to help artists transform their "creative block". Through her work, she hopes  to inspire humanity to live creative lives – to communicate a message visually that will allow for people to  tap into their creative higher self; to open their hearts, and feel their sense of being beyond the physical. Asha says, "I would like to see that my work create a positive effect on people, can make a difference in a space, and can even promote healing."

Laura: What are your business goals for sending out a newsletter?

Asha: I would like to see more people get inspiration in their life and enjoy the beauty of art. The newsletter is a great way to communicate my message to my collectors and increase my email list. I would like to have more of my pieces on the walls of homes, businesses and even hospitals. The newsletter will allow me to know who my target market is and how I can better my service with my online clients; hence, to generate more sales and income in my business.

Laura: In the third lesson in the ebook, I talk about building your subscriber list. Which strategies did you find helpful in the book? Are there any others that you came up with that you are using and can recommend to my readers?

Asha: It is most important and helpful to have a sign-up box for your prospects to become your clients. How else will they know more about you and follow you? This is what I used to increase my list. Once I have that, my conversations with people included about how they are related to my business – inspiring them and asking them to check out my site and sign up for newsletter. I also like plugging your newsletter in the signature of your email. This way, you can see your message go to other new markets should the email be forwarded to others.

I have to say, it was hard to come up with a new strategy to build subscribers list because all of your strategies work.  What came to mind was once the newsletter is there, we forget to continue to talk about what we do and share our business and life with others. It does not have to be personal but find a way to speak about the "why" of your business. Sometimes your business can be related to someone else's business so you can partner with a non-art business to increase your list promoting each others work.

Laura: Are you planning on monetizing your newsletter? Why or why not? If so, what strategy are planning to use?

Asha: It is important to monetize your newsletter to grow your business online because you already have a following. Educating my market is the strategy I use to draw my clients to hear more of me, and trust me enough to also trust my work. They cannot see me physically. The language I use to communicate my message, and overall feel of my website is key to create character and integrity of my business. This will increase my sales and income. 

Laura: What did you find most helpful about my Newsletter ebook?

Asha: You had all the information I needed to know about writing a newsletter. It is not just talking about your business to your clients used but also how you need to prepare your website to get sign-ups, as well as ways to generate income with a newsletter. For me, the best part was refining my goals and getting clear about my message. That meant you have to know your SELF and your purpose in life. Once I got focused on that it was easy to put my ideas together.

Laura: Where can people sign-up for your newsletter? 

Asha: They can sign-up from my website, You can find a gallery of her beautiful artwork here.

Inspired to start your own newsletter to reach your professional, creative goals? Buy my ebook here. Use BLOG516 to get a 25% discount off the ebook.

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