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Patio Chair Makeover

Pillow Badge

Chair Before Photo

Chair After

One of my favorite things to do in the Spring is to freshen up my patio for the warm months ahead. I don't have much of a design budget though, so I usually try to add one or two new items and then I "shop" around my house and mix and match the things I already have on hand to create a new look. A few years ago, my parents gave us these Adirondack chairs with cushions. They are super comfy, but the cushions were really starting to look old and faded, so I pulled some red cushions from some other chairs in the house, and added a few of my new, Garden Shadows pillow covers from Society6. The side table was somewhere else in my yard (originally from Lowe's). I'm pretty happy with the transformation. I have two of these chairs and now my husband and I sneak off and sit in them whenever we can. That is, unless someone else gets there first to snuggle in to do some reading.

Liv Reading in Chair

Looks like we might need a third chair…

The Garden Shadow pillow covers come in four colors, and I hope you will consider supporting me while you update your patio and/or home decor this year.

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Buy the Red Garden Shadows Pillow

Buy the Black and White Garden Shadows Pillow

Buy the Blue Garden Shadows Pillow

Buy the Yellow Garden Shadows Pillow

Thanks for your support!

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Taking Control of Your Creative Business

Desk Photo stock

"If you don't waste your energy on variables you cannot influence, you can focus much more effectively on those you can." -Dan Harris I've been thinking a lot about this quote. To be honest, my life is in a bit of an upheaval right now. My husband was laid off in December. Which means myContinue Reading

On Motherhood and Business

Motherhood and Business

The other day, my daughter asked me what I "do" when I coach my clients. I explained to her that I help women, who have their own businesses, find a way to balance their work and motherhood. Immediately, she told me, "Well, they should listen to you because you do a great job of that!"Continue Reading

3 Tips for a Colorful Yard + A Mini Project

Colorful Ideas for your yard

It's National Craft Month! Time to get crafty in ALL areas of your life! Today, I wanted to share a few tips for bringing color into your backyard or patio. 1. Pick a palette. While it's tempting to plant a rainbow of flowers in your yard, you'll get a more dramatic look if you stickContinue Reading

Everything Just Come Easily To Me

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A few weeks ago, I was wasting time, scrolling through my Instagram feed, when I read a post from Lacy Young. She was writing about a client who was complaining that everything is just so hard. And Lacy told her to wonder what would happen if instead of saying (and thinking) everything she wanted wasContinue Reading

What to Charge for Your Creative Services

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Figuring out what to charge for your time is probably one of the biggest challenges creatives face. There are a million articles out there about how to price your goods and services and today I'm not going to talk about those. I want to talk about what happens after you set your rate. It's painfulContinue Reading

Goal Setting to Make Your Dreams Come True

Goal Setting Photo

Mondays are usually my business post days, but yesterday was a holiday, so it was doughnuts. Back to work today! Let's talk about your dreams and goals. You have them. You might want to be super blogger, a famous artist, and illustrator. But are you really working towards your dream? Be honest now. I askContinue Reading

The Neurotic Crafter: A Lesson In Branding

A Lesson in Branding

I am the love of child of Martha Stewart and Woody Allen. On one hand, I'm a crafter extraordinaire and a lifestyle expert building a professional empire. I am calm and all business on the outside. I am always on the lookout for great recipes and crafty inspiration. Yep, a regular old chip off theContinue Reading

How to Recover from a Trade Show

Tips for Successful CHA Trade Show||

As a crafter, you have probably seen hundreds of posts about the Craft & Hobby Megashow this week. Maybe you were even there. What you don't see is how very exhausting a trade show can be. Long working hours, standing on the concrete floor of a convention center, and networking can take a toll onContinue Reading

My Top 10 Tips for a Successful Newsletter Campaign

Roundtable Badge II copy

If you are planning on attending the CHA Mega Conference and Trade Show, be sure to sign-up for tomorrow's Designer Round Tables and get my Top 10 Tips for a Successful Newsletter Campaign. I've been sending out electronic newsletters for over seven years and, for the past few years, I've watched people focus more onContinue Reading