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How to Bring a Little Hygge Into Your Winter

 Hygge Post Beauty Shot

Hygge One

Hygge Two

This post was sponsored by Udderly Smooth. I received product and compensation in exchange for this post. The opinions and tutorial are mine.

Hygge (pronounced hoo-ga or hue-gah) is a Danish word that loosely translates to coziness. It's a lifestyle term that is being thrown around a lot these days but it's a trend I can really get on board with and winter is a perfect time to intentionally bring a little coziness into your life. I'm also probably more interested in it than usual because I've just moved to Washington state from California and it is COLD!

The important thing to remember about hygge is that it is all about simplicity. It's not about going overboard. You don't have to buy a million things to hygge. You don't have to throw lavish parties. It's about creating a comfortable space for yourself and your loved ones. Here are a few ways you can bring hygge into your life:

  1. Think fire! Candlelight is so relaxing and instantly relaxes me. Breakfast by candlelight, with a roaring fire in the background is one of my new favorite ways to hygge in my new house. I think my daughter loves it too. After a bowl of oatmeal by candlelight, she's ready to take on the world.

  2. Gather your friends and family. We are all stuck inside during bad weather, make it sweeter by inviting your friends over for a bowl of soup and a game night.

  3. Make a hygge basket. Bad day? Feeling a little under the weather? When those time strike, no one wants to take the time set-up a cozy spot. Instead, next time you feel energetic, put together a hygge basket for yourself. A favorite throw, a book, the supplies you need for a favorite hobby, candles, Udderly Smooth Body Cream Original Formula. Make sure you fill it with the things that help you feel cozy and cared for-then pull it out next time you need a little comfort.

  4. Don't just hygge inside! A thermos filled with hot cocoa, cookies, and a warm blanket can make a quick trip to the park or forest feel magical.

  5. Give your home a hygge update. How can you hygge your home? What makes a house a home? For me, right now, cozy means strings of white lights, lots of knitted blankets and quilts, candles, and all things "woodsy". Your cozy might look different. Just rememeber to keep it simple. "Shop" your own home; go through your house, gather up your favorite things and set up your most used room with all of it.

Be sure to visit my Hygge Pinboard for more ideas on how you can bring hygge into your life. Do you hygge? If so, I would love to hear how!

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