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Rain, Fabric, and Doll Aprons

Falling for Fall fabric with teapot

Falling for Fall Doll Apron in White

Falling for Fall Pot holders

Falling for Fall Doll Apron in Beige

This week has been strange for me. I've alternated between being focused and then lazy daily. One minute I'm totally focused on my business goals, developing fabric to release for Thanksgiving, unpacking rooms, and cooking meals. The next minute, I'm watching yet another episode of Gray's Anatomy on Netflix or spending far too long Instagram (Do you follow me there? I post almost daily, so it's a good way to get a peek at what I'm up to.) Some of it is because of the move. While I'm much more settled and am starting to feel like I'm home, my schedule and the way do things is still in flux. Even the physical movements of getting through my house are different and that's setting me a bit on edge.

For example. I used to have my studio in one of the upstairs bedrooms at our old house. So, when I took a break to get a cup of tea, down the stairs I went. Now my studio is a room off the family room. I know that sounds like a very subtle thing, but I am a creature of habit and I feel slightly off most days. Then there's the rain. I knew it rained up here and I love cold weather and the rain, but EVERY SINGLE DAY? This California girl is having a hard time adapting! I'm used to acting like a typical Cali girl-when it rains, you try to stay home, because you know…it's wet out there and traffic is crazy. If I tried to pull that attitude around here, I wouldn't go anywhere from October until April. (At least that's what the locals are telling me-rain pretty much daily for the next 6 months or so!)

Okay, so enough complaining. I did design some Fall fabric and I did make some cute things with it. I got my obligatory samples from Spoonflower over the weekend. I only got 2 fat quarters to test the fabric, so I had to keep my projects small. Small like a potholder and doll aprons. I like the doll aprons (I used this free pattern.) so much that I'm probably going to order more fabric and make myself an apron too. Well, I will when I order a new sewing machine. My sewing machine didn't really didn't like the move and it's being very difficult. It's quite old (15 years?) and it was a Target, $99, off-brand machine. It was great when I first got it and was just learning, but I've struggled with it for years now and sometimes wonder if my sewing would be better if I simply got a better machine! So I'm looking for a new one-not too pricey. No embroidery or whiz-bang things like that, just a good solid machine that I can use to occasionally stitch up pillows and zipper pouches. Let me know if you have any recommendations for good machines that are easy to use. And the fabric is for sale. What would you make with it?

This weekend is busy. Tonight we are going to the First Fridays in our cute little downtown, tomorrow it's off to buy some art for our house during the Portland Open Studios, then Sunday we're apple picking (apparently, we are near the "Fruit Loop"?). The flurry of activity is due to a forecast of no rain before another five days hits. I really need to buy a raincoat.

Hope you have a great weekend! What are you doing?

Weekend Meditation

Redwood Foliage Close-Up

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Lacamas Lake

Weekend Meditation

Sunday Breakfast


Weekend Meditation

Liv Jumping at Cannon Beach

Weekend Meditation

Cannon Beach Tide Pools

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Liv with pillowcase

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Peonies Painting

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