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Taking Back Weekends

Take Back Your

Lately, we've been been feeling like our weekends are slipping through our fingers. Between chores, errands, and boredom, we find ourselves dissatisfied by Sunday night, bemoaning the fact that another weekend flew by us.

Take Back Your

Because I'm the planner in the family, I know I need to remedy this. I just read this great little mini-book (it's only $2.99 for a digital copy) about taking back your weekends and it has really inspired me. The author points out that from Friday evening to Sunday evening you have about 60 hours of weekend. (Which sounds totally different than 48 hours, doesn't it?) Of those 60 hours, you are probably sleeping about 16 or so, which still gives you a lot of time to decompress, recharge, and reconnect with family and friends.

Take Back Your

So what's my problem? I'm pretty sure it's lack of planning. I'm tired by the weekend. I don't want to be creative and think of things for us to do, so we all default to crashing in front of screens. I know that, when I do plan activities for us, and we push ourselves to keep those plans, we actually feel MORE rested at the end of the weekend then we do after a weekend laying around doing nothing. Now, before anyone completely freaks out-there's still plenty of time in a 60 hour weekend to lay around, but I think pushing myself and my family to do a couple of hours of planned, intentional activities will do wonders for us.

Take Back Your

So I'm planning. I'm making sure that each family member plans too. I think it's important that we don't plan all our activities to be "family activities". We all need some time to pursue our interests, but if we don't pencil some blocks of time into our schedules-even for personal things like exercise and reading, it's too easy to let the weekend  disappear.

I would love to start a little series on the blog about taking back weekends. If you are interested in telling me how you spend either a Friday evening, Saturday, or Sunday, please contact me. I would love to have you guest blog about it. Let's inspire each other to take back our weekends.

Creative Business Coach: What to write in your newsletters

Tips for writing a newsletter for your creative business//

In my newsletter this week, I shared some tips about writing content for your newsletters.It seems like every time I recommend that someone use electronic newsletters as part of their marketing plan, I get the same response-they don't know what they should write about.. Newsletter content doesn't have to be scary or overwhelming and toContinue Reading

I’m (re)writing a book

Envelope copy

Many years ago I wrote a series of business ebooks for creatives. Although I've been a professional craft designer for many years, I do have a MBA from my previous life as a mild-mannered business consultant. The books still sell and are still filled with useful information, but it's time for an update. The worldContinue Reading

Creative Planning with Children

Creative Planning with Children:

What's one of the biggest pains most women feel today? Balance. Most of us are daughters of women who fought for equal rights. The great news is, our mothers were successful. The bad news? We still haven't figured out how to balance work and family. Being the first generation of women who have more optionsContinue Reading

Beautiful Dreams Butterfly Dream Catcher

Butterfly Dream Catcher by

My daughter hasn't had very many bad dreams in her life. She didn't have night terrors when she was young,and I think she's woken us up twice in ten years because she had a bad dream. (Don't send hate mail, we just lucked out!) She has, however gone periods through periods of time when she'sContinue Reading

Holistic Bookkeeping

Holistic Financials

The one thing I hear the most from my coaching clients is that they don’t want to do their financials. Accounting/bookkeeping can be overwhelming and many entrepreneurs are afraid to look at their numbers because it might show that they are failing. What they don’t realize is that they are making themselves suffer even moreContinue Reading

Picnic Calzones Recipe

Picnic Calzones

(A recent picnic.) When I was a little girl, my parents made a huge effort to take us on day trips every weekend. There were six of us, so that weren't fancy day trips. They were usually a drive into our local mountains for a hike or a trip to the beach. (That's me, totallyContinue Reading

Summer is for Reading

Summer is for Reading with Laura Bray Designs

Summer is for reading, isn't it? And for libraries. I remember my childhood library in Mentor, Ohio. There was a bay window with a cushioned seat. I remember sitting there, and reading and watching a storm roll in and seeing my mom pull up in her big, black suburban and rushing in to fetch meContinue Reading

Process Journal

Keeping a Creative Process

Lately, I've been keeping a process journal for all my projects. Whether painting, crafting, or writing, I record my thoughts, feelings, and ideas about the project. This is beyond a sketchbook in that I am doing a lot of writing. When I'm frustrated or come across a problem, I write about it in my processContinue Reading

Mother’s Day Musings Series: Favorite Creative Books

Favorite Creativity Books for Kids:

Ready for some more motherly advice? Last week, I shared some of my favorite child-rearing books, this week I wanted to share some recommendations for my favorite craft books. All of these books have wonderful advice for introducing creativity into your family's life. Creativity has been one of the most important ways my daughter andContinue Reading