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Crafts for Kids: Pipe Cleaners

Crafts for Kids: Pipe Cleaner Flower Rings at

This summer, I've been making an effort to make the time every afternoon to do something creative with my daughter.  It's not hard to come up with creative ideas, but it is hard to make time.  As the clock was ticking away the other day, and I was carrying yet another load of laundry to my room, I made a very intentional decision.  At first, I thought I would fold the laundry and THEN do the craft.  But I risked time running out before dinner needed to be made.  So I stopped and asked myself, "Is she going to remember me folding the laundry or doing a craft with her?"  Guess which answer I arrived at?  So, for an hour, we made pipe cleaner animals and flower rings.  I felt great afterwards.  My daughter was happy, I was relaxed, and the laundry still got done.  In fact, my daughter helped me fold it!  But, do you want to know the best part?  My daughter still calls pipe cleaners "piper cleaners".  I hope she never outgrows that.

Crafts for Kids Pipe Cleaner Animals at

Crafts for Kids Pipe Cleaner Animals at

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Make a Cupcake Lunchbox with Craft Attitude and Guest Designer Olivia Bray


I'm proud to hand my blog over to my talented daughter Olivia Bray today.  She was asked by Craft Attitude and Jonathan Fong to do a back to school project using Craft Attitude Printable Film.  Without further ado, her she is to share her lunchbox project with you! Hi!  My name is Olivia and IContinue Reading

Repurposing Plastic Eggs

Repurposing Plastic Easter Eggs

Any parent of a young child knows all too well the dilemna of the plastic Easter eggs.  After an egg hunt or two, we come home with dozens of plastic eggs. These plastic eggs then get separated and we find them, in bits and pieces all over our homes.  Just when you think you've clearedContinue Reading

Make a Child’s Field Kit

Make a Child

I try to get my daughter outside for at least 15 minutes every day.  It usually morphs into more time than that, but I have found that setting a 15 minute goal on my calendar means that I'm much more likely to stick with it.  Luckily, there is a park right next to my daughter'sContinue Reading

Easter Silhouette

Easter Silhouette

..silhouettes are best viewed within the wider of sphere of portraiture; as an art form, they fall somewhere between a craft, a portrait, and means of scientific analysis.  -Emma Rutherford I've been itching to try the art of paper cutting and silhouettes, so the other day I got out my craft knife and some smallContinue Reading

Puppet Theater Tutorial

We have recently been making an effort to watch less television.  We've never watched huge amounts, but I was curious to see what would happen to our lives if we reduced our TV time even further.  It really wasn't difficult. I just didn't tell my daughter we were doing it.  No big sweeping statements.  I justContinue Reading

Homemade Valentines

2012 Valentines: Shaker Cards I have to say, with the current state of the California pubic school system, it's a daunting task to make homemade valentines.  My daughter has 30 children in class with her!  That's not good for her education or for making valentines! But she really loves to make homemade valentines, and nowContinue Reading

Valentines for Teachers

I wanted to make a special valentine for my daughter's Kindergarten teachers, so I pulled out my darling ScoreBoards XL Dies: 3-D Tea Cup and got to work.  I used my Sizzix 655268 Big Shot Cutting-and-Embossing Roller-Style Machine  to cut the tea cups from white chipboard, then added hearts punched from some valentine paper to makeContinue Reading

Felt Fortune Cookie Valentines

One of my New Year's Resolutions this year was to not wait until the last minute to do crafty things for the holidays throughout the year. I usually wait until the last minute and then my projects don't turn out as well or even worse, I just end up having to run to the storeContinue Reading