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Make a Valentine Keepsake Book

Valentine Keepsake Book www.laurabraydesigns.comIt's the day after Valentine's Day and, if your house is like mine, we are over-run by little valentines strewn everywhere. My daughter totes them all over in her valentine bag from school but one or two always seems to escape.  As the days wear on, I start to find them everywhere and it makes me crazy.  My daughter is a saver.  She wants to keep every single piece of paper she comes in contact with. I've tried having her watch Hoarders, but she's not seeing the parallel so, to keep us both happy, I created a little book for her to tape all her school valentines in.  She can still keep them but now they are adhered to the book, won't slip out and are in a format that can be easily stored.  As an added plus, she's able to easily flip through the book and look at the valentines her friends gave her. 

This was really simple to put together:

Valentines Keepsake Book


  • 8.5" x 11" cardstock-I used 2 1/2 pieces and it stored most of my daughter's 33 valentines.
  • Paper trimmer
  • Tape


  1. Fold the cardstock in half lengthwise (long end to long end)Valentine Keepsake Book
  2. Cut the paper along the fold.
  3. Accordion fold the strips of paper into thirds.Valentine Keepsake Book
  4. Tape the strips together and refold if necessary so that the pages will unfold like an accordion.Valentine Keepsake Book
  5. Tape valentines onto the pages.  You may want to have your child leave the first page blank so that they can write their name and year on the "cover" of the book. I'm hoping to make one of these every year and then my daughter will have a whole stack of Valentine memories.  (Yet I wonder where she gets her proclivity for saving paper…)  We also only taped the valentines at the top.  That way my daughter can flip the valentines over to see who gave them to her.
  6. You can punch holes into the first page and the last page and run a ribbon through the holes to keep the book closed.

Did I mention how much I love that my daughter wrote 2th Grade instead of 2nd?  Someday she's going to look at that and see how far she's come.  So cute!

For the Kids Friday

Painted Felt Projects

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