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Red & White Candy Felt Ornaments

Felt Red and White Candy Ornaments by Laura Bray Designs

Last month, I made a cute, felt tree skirt for the Kunin blog. You may have noticed on the post the cute, felt, candy ornaments I showed. They are so quick and easy to make and you only need scraps, so I thought, if you need a last minute gift, you might want to whip some up.  Here's how:



  1. Place one strip of red felt on top of a white strip and roll them up.
  2. Put a pin through the center of the candy roll to hold it in place.
  3. Thread a needle with red embroidery floss and run it top to bottom through the candy center.
  4. Run it back through in the opposite direction to create a loop to hang the ornament.
  5. Knot and remove pin.
  6. Place candy ornaments into a bag for gifting.

Note: Alternate between placing a red strip on a white strip of felt and a white on a red. It gives the ornaments different looks.

Tree Skirt II

Faux Chalkboard DIY Holiday Gift Tags

Faux Chalkboard DIY Holiday Gift Tags

This week the holiday madness begins. While I'm trying to be very careful to keep things down to a dull roar around here, it's a very busy week. I don't know about you, but I'm really trying not to say yes to everything. I stop before I commit and make sure it's something I reallyContinue Reading

Doodle Ornaments

Doodle Ornaments with

As many you know, I'm the on the Smoothfoam Design Team. This month we were all challenged to use the Smoothfoam balls to create beautiful ornaments. There are about million ways to create an ornament from a Smoothfoam ball, but I finally settled on simply painting and doodling on mine. I kind of love it.Continue Reading

Lamp Makeover with Krylon

Makeover a Lamp with Spray Paint:

Can you believe this lamp makeover? The lamp used to be "Shabby Chic". It had an off-white, crackle kind of finish and pink shade. It used to live in my daughter's nursery. She outgrew the lamp and so did I. I found it in the garage the other day and just happened to have aContinue Reading

Terrarium Kits

Terrarium Kits:

I'm a little crazy about terrariums right now. I found this great gift idea on Wit and Whistle,and so I'm making terrarium kits for teachers' gifts. Then I had to do a little drawing for a gift tag of a little girl with terrarium in her dress. Which then lead to another version in dollContinue Reading

DIY Memo Board

DIY Memo

I had an old painting of flowers laying around my studio. It was okay, but it didn't really make sense as a painting by itself. It rolled around the studio, getting moved from place to place. Then one day, I piled a piece of cork on top it. I walked by a few minutes laterContinue Reading

Washi Tape Dispenser

Make a Washi Tape

I've had a very old, ugly tape dispenser rolling around my house for years. I think my husband brought it with him when we moved in together 20 years ago. It was boring and ugly to start with and, after all those years, it looked even worse. I was in the mood this weekend toContinue Reading

Candy Cane Wreath Made with Drinking Straws!

Candy Cane Wreath made from drinking straws by

Here's the first of many holiday projects coming your way on my blog over the next two months. Today, I wanted to share my Candy Wreath. I created it using those super cool drinking straws that are EVERYWHERE. If you are like me, you love them, buy them, stick them in a drawer and forgetContinue Reading

Cool2Cast Blog Hop: Gift Charms

Cool2Cast Blog Hop Gift Charms:

I was recently sent a copy of Tiffany Windsor's new ebook, Cool2Cast. This little gem of an ebook has everything you need to know about using Cool2Cast, casting medium. I have to admit that I was little nervous about using the Cool2Cast until I read the book. The easy to ready instructions and helpful tipsContinue Reading

Halloween Popcorn Box Blog Hop Party

Halloween Popcorn Box:

It's that time of year again! Time for Laura Kelly's annual Halloween Popcorn Box Blog Hop! Yay! This year I decided to get all modern and make a graphic, chalkboard style popcorn box. Supplies: Cardboard popcorn box Scrapbook papers Black cardstock Martha Stewart's Liquid Chalk Martha Stewart's Adhesive Silkscreens in Carolyna Script Alphabet Martha Stewart'sContinue Reading