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I know I've been away from the blog for awhile. I've been busy doing things like…

painting rocks…

Bird Illustration by Laura Bray

and drawing…

Bird Illustrations by Laura Bray

and feeding giraffes…

Feeding Giraffes

If you are missing me, I share more often on my Facebook and on Instagram at laurakbray. In fact, I'm trying to share my daily drawing on Instagram everyday. I would love it if you would follow me there. Of course, I'll also try to be better about popping in here too!


Easter Crafts

Easy Easter Floral Picks

 Make some cute Easter-themed floral picks. Get the instructions here. When the Smoothfoam Design Team was challenged to create Easter/Spring inspired projects with half-domes, the creativity exploded! Get links to all these projects here. And finally, check-out all the fun projects from the latest episode of When Creativity Knocks.   Disclaimer: I have a professionalContinue Reading

Party Pinwheels with Craft Attitude

Party Pinwheels with Craft Attitude

Spring has sprung and my mind has turned to my garden and outdoor entertaining. Does anything say "party time" more than a pinwheel? I think not. When we're not having fun with them at our parties, we stick them in our container garden. It's so fun to watch them spin. Of course, being me, IContinue Reading

Sketchbooks and Journals

Keeping Sketchbooks by Laura Bray

I've been keeping sketchbooks since 2007. Lately, I've been wondering if I'm utilizing them as much as I should. They generally seem to sit on a shelf. I occasionally pull one down, but not often. As I delve further into the idea of working on drawing and painting, I'm thinking I need to change that.Continue Reading

Bunny Carousel

Bunny Carousel by Laura Bray

I'm on the Smoothfoam Design Team and we were recently challenged to come up with some Easter/Spring projects for their new half domes. Here's what I came up with- A Bunny Carousel! I think this would make a cute Easter table centerpiece or even just a decoration. It's so cute that my daughter is threateningContinue Reading

Flower Bowls

Bowl pattern by Laura Bray

I'm still playing with my Porcelaine Paint markers. Right now, I'm creating a floral pattern on a set of small bowls. At our house, we use a huge number of small bowls throughout the day. I think it comes with having a child who loves little snacks. The problem is, some people in this houseContinue Reading

The Year of the Fairy Tale Update

Year of the Fairy Tale Illustrations by Laura Bray

My online classes are coming along nicely. I invested a large junk of my Christmas gift money in the classes and I feel so lucky that I made the right choices. I'm learning so much and I feel like my techniques are improving every day. While I think that being "self-taught" artist is great andContinue Reading

St. Patrick’s Day Craft: Leprechaun Door

St. Pat

One of my favorite things about being is mother is how much magic has come back into my life. I believe magic is an incredibly important part of childhood and, as a mother, it's my job to safeguard it for my daughter. I've spent the past 8 years of my daughter's life making sure sheContinue Reading

Watch it Wiggle

Gelatin Bowls by Laura Bray

Well, I never did more than two of my daily drawings for February. I'm taking two, long term, illustration classes right now and I just don't seem to have the time to work on anything else. I am, however, working hard on the classes, so I'm not feeling too badly about it. At least I'mContinue Reading

Cuckoo Clock Progression

Cuckoo Clock

I've been talking a lot about my art process lately and I hope you will continue to humor me. This year, I've vowed to push myself outside of my comfort zone. When I first made that promise to myself, I thought it would be easy. I don't know why-I guess I just thought I wouldContinue Reading