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Valentine Idea Faux Lollipops

Heart Valentines Beauty Shot

Heart Valentines Close-Up

My latest project for Smoothfoam is Faux Valentine Lollipops! These are great for giving or decorating with. Just be sure to let everyone know they only LOOK good enough to eat!


  • Smoothfoam hearts
  • Acrylic craft paint
  • Glitter Skewers
  • Decorative paper straws
  • Ribbon
  • Craft glue

You can get the full how-to on the Smoothfoam blog.

Want some cute printables to turn these into valentines (or use them for any of your Valentine's Day crafts)? I made some just for you! Get your Valentines Tags.

Valentine Printables

Disclosure: I have a professional relationship with Smoothfoam and receive product and payment for my projects. The projects and opinions are my own.

Chinese New Year Craft: Cheater Chopsticks

Chinese New Year DIY Chopsticks

I remember the day when my daughter mastered chopsticks. She has always loved Asian food and whenever we went out to our favorite restaurants, she would request that the "cheater" plastic pieces (that hold the chopstick together for you) be placed on her chopsticks. Then one day, she proudly announced she no longer needed them.Continue Reading

Felt Heart Pillows

LB Jan 25 Valentine Pillow Photo 1

Here's my latest project for the Kunin Blog. In honor of heart month, I made some pillows.The thing I like about these pillow is that they can be used year round. I mean, who couldn't use a few more symbols of love in their life on a daily basis? Supplies: Eco-fi Plus™ Premium Felt inContinue Reading

Sweet Faux Cupcakes

Faux Cupcakes

When I started blogging, we were at the height of the cupcake craze. I was obsessed and became known for my cupcakes, both crafty and real. As time has gone by, my interest in cupcakes has slowed, but every once in awhile I like to revisit them. They bring me happy, sweet memories of myContinue Reading

Confessions of a Lazy Stitcher

Embroidered Frame Beauty II

I love to embroider, but I'm an impatient crafter and get really bored if I have to satin stitch an entire monogram, so I used Joy letters instead of stitching the monogram myself. (I know! I'm a total cheater!) I just iron-oned the letter, embroidered some pretty embellishments around it, and the project was doneContinue Reading

Valentine Boxes for Kids Round-Up

Pin Button

Gosh! I have the best memories of the Valentine's Day parties in elementary school. Back then, our class parties were very simple. A room mom came by with heart-shaped cookies and those plastic containers of juice and we exchanged valentines. I always loved seeing the valentine boxes the other kids brought. Now, I make sureContinue Reading

Tips for Trade Show Follow-Up

Computer Stock Photo

Last week I shared my tips for recovering from a trade show. Today, let’s talk about turning your trade show leads into business. I know it can be scary to follow-up (and tedious) but that’s why we went to the show in the first place-because we wanted to network and hopefully build our business. HereContinue Reading

Valentines Cards for Kids

Valentines Pin for Blog

This is my daughter's last Valentine's Day in elementary school. Next year she's off to middle school and I'm pretty sure they don't give valentines out to the whole class then. I' feeling a little nostalgic about it all so I thought I would share some of my favortie valentines cards for kids from ourContinue Reading

I LOVE Glue Guns!

Adtech Demo Badge copy

These last few days of CHA, I'll be spending some time in the Ad Tech booth. I love their Adtech Hi Temp Precision Pro Gun and their new, scented Adtech French Vanilla Scented Glue Sticks and I can't wait to do some super fun demos with you! And while we're talking glue guns, want toContinue Reading

Smoothfoam DIY Beads

Smoothfoam Beads.

Today at the CHA Mega Show, I'll be demonstrating how to make these super cute beads from Smoothfoam balls. I'm kind of a sensitive person (emotionally and physically) and heavy, beaded necklaces really annoy me. These beads are super light so I can make some pretty fancy statement necklaces and not feel like I'm carryingContinue Reading