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Make a Traveler’s Notebook from Felt

DIY Felt Traveler's Notebook "fauxdori" by Laura Bray Designs

If you are following the planner trend at all, you know that Midori (or "fauxdori") traveler's notebooks are very popular right now. Summer vacation is the perfect time to use them! I love the idea of slipping small notebooks in and out of a nice, cozy carrying case. Some traveler's notebooks are even the perfect size to hold your passport in as well. I'm planning on using one on our vacation this year and plan to slip in two notebooks-one to sketch in and one to glue in all the ephemera I pick-up on my travels. When I get home, I could slip the little notebooks out of the traveler's notebook and file them away. Maybe in a photo box with some printed photos from the trip? Wouldn't it be great to do this for every trip you take? Can you imagine the nicely organized boxes future generations could sift through someday?

DIY Felt Traveler's Notebook "fauxdori" by Laura Bray Designs

Most traveler's notebooks are made from leather, but being a felt lover, I created mine from felt. I love how cute it is! You can get the full tutorial over the Kunin blog*. They really don't take long to make, so make one for your friend too.

FTC Disclaimer: I am a design team member for Kunin. I receive compensation and product in exchange for my tutorials.

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Beautiful Dreams Butterfly Dream Catcher

Butterfly Dream Catcher by

My daughter hasn't had very many bad dreams in her life. She didn't have night terrors when she was young,and I think she's woken us up twice in ten years because she had a bad dream. (Don't send hate mail, we just lucked out!) She has, however gone periods through periods of time when she'sContinue Reading

Pom Pom Clothespin Push Pins

Pom Pom Flower Push

I love having a cork board hanging over my desk. I use it as an inspiration board and I also load it up with reminders. I prefer to use clothespin push pins instead of regular thumbtacks. By simply gluing a flat, basic thumbtack to the back of a spring-loaded clothespin, I create a way toContinue Reading

Pinterest in Real Life

Homemade Dryer

I've been on a mission to work on my Pinterest marketing. It's one of my biggest referrers to my blog, yet I usually spend the least amount of time on it. That's silly, right? Anyway, since I've been over there, pinning away, I decided that maybe I should start actually DOING some of the tutorialsContinue Reading

Summers and Bedsheets

Make a set of summer sheets with Laura Bray

What is it about summer and sheets? Am I the only one who has strong, summer, childhood memories about bedsheets? We spent a week every summer at my grandparent's house in Ohio. Hot, humid nights. With Raggedy Ann sheets. Sheets that were so incredibly soft due to my grandmother's intense washing regimen. Sheets that smelledContinue Reading

Fork It Over Blog Hop

Fork it Over Fabric Hot Pad by Laura Bray Designs

I'm so excited to host a super fun and inspiring blog hop, featuring my new fabric design, Fork It Over. I gathered a bunch of my very talented crafty friends and asked them to make some fun projects using my Spoonflower fabric. The projects they came up with just warmed my heart. It's amazing toContinue Reading

Fork it Over Blog Hop: Doll Aprons

Doll Apron Close-up

I'm so excited to be hosting a really fun blog hop on Monday that features my new Spoonflower fabric, Fork It Over. For my project, I created some really cute doll aprons for my daughter's dolls. She got the new American Girl baking set for Easter and, of course, her dolls needed aprons. I thinkContinue Reading

Mother’s Day Musings Series: Favorite Creative Books

Favorite Creativity Books for Kids:

Ready for some more motherly advice? Last week, I shared some of my favorite child-rearing books, this week I wanted to share some recommendations for my favorite craft books. All of these books have wonderful advice for introducing creativity into your family's life. Creativity has been one of the most important ways my daughter andContinue Reading

Free Printable: Mason Jar Labels

Free Printable Mason Jar Lid Labels::

I'm so excited to be a guest blogger over The Country Chic Cottage today. I'm sharing how I use mason jars as part of Meal Planning process. To celebrate, I thought I would whip-up some cute jar labels for you. You can print them out on regular paper, cut them out and slip them ontoContinue Reading

Book Review: Creative Scarves

Creative Scarves Book Review by LauraBrayDesigns

I know a lot of my friends back east don't even want to THINK about scrarves. But I'm not talking about those kind of scarves! There's a new book out, Creative Scarves: 20+ Stylish Projects to Craft and Stitch and it's got a creative ideas for every season! So, for those of you who areContinue Reading