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Chinese New Year Recipes & Crafts

Chinese New Year Recipes and Crafts

Just in case you are looking for a chance to party again, or if you need to "restart" your new year's resolutions (ahem), today is the Chinese Lunar New Year. We are ushering in the Year of the Horse. The wood horse in fact so there's lot of fun crafting ideas you can do with that right? I found a wood horse at the craft store, painted him with Martha Stewart's craft paint and added a felt riding blanket. Now he's all set to ring in the new year. I think he would look cute a on a New Year table. Maybe with a little take-out for dinner?

Here are some of my Chinese New Year Recipes and Crafts from years past:

Chinese New Year Recipes and Crafts

Make a Chinese Lantern

Chinese New Year Recipes and Crafts

Chicken and Mushroom Noodles Recipe

Sunday Breakfast Bread Pudding

Breakfast Bread Pudding

We have a tradition of cooking a big, family breakfast every Sunday morning. My husband and I take turns trying out fancy breakfast recipes. The problem is, I'm the night owl of the family. My husband is out of bed at 6am whether it's the weekend or not and my daughter usually gets up betweenContinue Reading

Menu Planning

Menu Planning

If one of your new year resolutions is to eat healthier and/or cook at home more, then menu planning can help you. Before you start complaining, please believe me when I tell you that I once thought it an impossible feat too. I was very resistant to the idea, but knew that dinner was alwaysContinue Reading

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Zucchini Chocolate Chip Cookies

I'm pretty sure that chocolate chip cookies were one of the first things I learned how to bake. I was young, somewhere between 9-10 years old. Our family recipe came from an old Bisquick cookbook. It was a chipboard book with a spiral binding with bits of batter spilled here and there, and I lovedContinue Reading

Best of 2013

Top Five Blog Posts of 2013 Laura Bray Designs

I absolutely can't believe that 2013 is in it's last days! This year went so fast! As you have probably figured out from my lack of new posts, I'm taking some time to enjoy the holidays with my family. I'll be back to posting more great craft tutorials, recipes, and "intentional living" posts in theContinue Reading

Thanksgiving Leftovers

Thanksgiving Leftovers Recipes

*Cranberry Pastries *Pumpkin Smoothies*Spinach Shells So much is going on here right now.  My husband and I just returned from a great weekend getaway to Morro Bay (I'll tell you all about it soon!), my birthday was yesterday, and today I'm getting ready to host Thanksgiving. But I know I haven't blogged in a bit,Continue Reading

Pumpkin Smoothie Recipe

Pumpkin Smoothie Recipe

I love smoothies. In fact, I have one every day. My typical smoothie is green, but since I had an open can of pumpkin in the house I decided I needed to make some pumpkin smoothies.  I tried a couple of recipes, most of which called for yogurt.  I don't really like yogurt in myContinue Reading

Hamburger Topping Ideas: Free Printable

Hamburger Topping Ideas from Laura Bray Designs

Just a few ideas for your Labor Day BBQ. We had friends over this weekend and had these three kind of burgers. (I was inspired by an article in Real Simple Magazine.)  Just make or buy your favorite beef burger patties and then add the toppings. They were all delicious, but I have to say,Continue Reading

Teddy Bear Bread

Teddy Bear Shaped Bread on

Do you ever have one of those afternoons when, on the fly, you decide to do an activity with your child and it ends up being "the best day ever"?  Yeah, we just had one of those.  I was making bread on Sunday and the recipe made a double batch.  My daughter was floating aroundContinue Reading

Banana Bread with Candied Ginger and Chocolate Chips

Banana Bread with Chocolate Chips & Ginger|

My husband eats "ingredients".  Seriously, the man cannot be trusted around food.  Even food I consider to be a staple.  Not something one would normally eat, but rather something one has on hand for recipes.  For instance, take candied ginger, he takes the name of it literally-especially the candy part.  I, on the other hand,Continue Reading