Bunny Carousel

Bunny Carousel by Laura Bray

I'm on the Smoothfoam Design Team and we were recently challenged to come up with some Easter/Spring projects for their new half domes. Here's what I came up with- A Bunny Carousel! I think this would make a cute Easter table centerpiece or even just a decoration. It's so cute that my daughter is threatening to steal it and keep it in her room year round.  Here's how to make one for yourself.



  1. Cut out eight bunny shapes from white felt. Here's the template:  Bunny Carousel Template
  2. Cut out four bunny saddles (yes, I just said bunny saddles) from pink and green felt. Saddles are also on the template.
  3. Embroider the saddles. I just used a few different stitches, but I added a stitch design for you on the template.
  4. Using a whip stitch, sew two bunny shapes together.
  5. Sew on embroidered saddle.
  6. Impale bunny onto wood skewer. Well, don't impale them as much as carefully slide the wood skewer between the two sewn bunny shapes. Put bunnies aside.Bunny Carousel
  7. Using washi tape, make decorative edges on the dome and the disc.
  8. Glue green felt to the disc.
  9. Measure four points on the bottom lip of the dome. Push skewers with bunnies into the points, making sure the are evenly spaced. Use a little glue to hold them in place.
  10. Now the tricky part. You need to push the bottom of the sticks into the disc. First, place the dome over the disc and see where the sticks will go. This takes some fiddling (and a little swearing). You want the sticks to be straight. Once you know where they will go, pierce the skewers through the felt and into the Smoothfoam disc. You may need to snip a bit of the felt in order to get the skewers through it. Just be patient and breathe through this step. It's helpful to have someone else hold the top of the carousel in place while you get the skewers into the base.
  11. Glue some felt flowers with bottom centers around the dome and scatter a few smaller felt flowers onto the base. To create my flowers, I used a Sizzix Big Shot and some flower dies, including Eileen Hull's flower dies (for the small flowers).

Bunny Carousel

Disclaimer: I have a professional relationship with Smoothfoam, Kunin Group, Sizzix, and Buttons Galore.


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