Barbeque Tools Caddy

BBQ Tool Caddy||

I'm kind of crazy about being neat.  The only thing I'm crazier about is food safety.  A long standing fight with my husband is how he throws his barbeque tools in the garage.  They are too big to fit in our kitchen drawers, but I HATE it when he just tosses them everywhere in the garage.  I want to know that the tools that are touching my food are clean!  (We won't even talk about how mad it makes me when he can't find the tools.)

BBQ Tool Caddy||

So, for his Father's Day gift this year, I decided to end the feud.  I created a monogramed barbeque tool caddy for him.  For the fabric, I used a sturdy, canvas drop cloth.  I just cut some canvas to the size of our BBQ tools, folded one side over to create a pocket and then stitched some binding around the edges.  I added a tie made from binding and then monogramed it with stencils and fabric markers. I think it came out looking very professional and I hope he will actually keep the tools in it.  Now, even if he insists on tossing the barbeque tool caddy in the garage, I'll know the tools are staying clean and protected.  As for them getting lost?  I'm going to have to find a way to put GPS on the darn thing.

2014 Update!!! Check-out how I took this caddy up a notch in my Rit Studio!


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