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Friendship Bookmarks

Make Friendship Bookmarks with Washi Tape:

There was a heat wave this weekend and my daughter and her friend were getting a little bored from playing inside all day. Which means it was time for me to swoop in and come up with a fun craft. Okay. That's a lie. I was bored and lonely, so I lured them into my studio with washi tape and made them do a project with me. Of course, there are worse things a mother could do during a playdate, right?

Make Friendship Bookmarks with Washi Tape:

This bevy of cute bookmark friends was easy to make. I just sliced up some strips of cardstock (this a great project for using all your scraps of cardstock), put out some markers and some washi tape, and then we got to work. We placed the washi tape "dresses" on the middle of the strips, then added legs and heads. I got the idea from an old issue of Family Fun magazine. Only they used paint stirrers that were painted white. I didn't have paint stirrers, I was too lazy to paint them white and then wait for them to dry, and I didn't understand what you would do with them in the end. So we made bookmarks instead.

Make Friendship Bookmarks with Washi Tape:

It was so fun. I love crafting with young girls! I get so much inspiration from their carefree approach and they never-ever follow the rules. We just drew girls from our imagination, but you could make this a really fun frienship activity for a Girl Scout troop or birthday party by having everyone draw their friends on their bookmarks. In fact, I think this might a fun activity for a grown-up girl's book group too.

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My Favorite Books on Writing

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Fish Bowl Needle Case

Fish Bowl Needle

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(un)Busy Weekend


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Soup & Sandwiches

Black Bean Soup &

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Summer isn’t over yet

Summer isn

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