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How to Sew a Tea Towel

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Note: This project originally appeared on the Creating with Joy blog. I was compensated for creating the project.

We’ve been trying to eat healthier and have introduced a lot more fruit and vegetables into our lives. Which all needs to be washed before you eat it. My family is pretty good about washing the fruit and vegetables but lately I’ve noticed they aren't great about how they dry their fruit after washing it. They'll often grab a towel that's hanging up (that was used to wipe up counters, ICK!), or a paper towel (a better health option, but not great for the environment). So I whipped up a few tea towels that are only to be used for drying our fruit & veggies AND labeled them, because I know how my family operates and that's the only way they will remember which towel to use.

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Supplies needed to sew a tea towel:

•    2 pieces of 18" x 10" solid fabric. This will allow for a 1/4" seam allowance. 

•     4" x 10" piece of printed fabric

•     Basic sewing supplies and a sewing machine

•     Joy iron-on embroidered letters

How to sew a tea towel:

Cut fabric

Iron-On Letters

  1. I used a linen fabric for the front and a cute, cotton print for the back. Fold the printed fabric strip lengthwise, folding each long side, one inch toward the middle. Press, then to stitch along the long edges.
  2. Pin the print onto the solid piece of your towel, 3" above the bottom edge. Stitch into place.
  3. Pin the top and back pieces, right sides facing, together. Stitch around the edge, leaving an inch or two at the top of the towel to turn it out.
  4. Turn out the towel and press. Fold the opening in and pin in place.
  5. Top stitch around the edge of the towel, making sure to close the opening.
  6. Place the letters, then follow the ironing instructions on the package.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial. If you are in the mood to wash a few apples after making your lovely towel, try my delicious Sauteed Apple Recipe!


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