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Semi-Homemade Easter

Give yourself a break! Semi-Homemade Easter//

Remember Sandra Lee of Semi Homemade fame? She would doctor-up cake mixes or store bought food to create something that tasted homemade, but without the amount of work homemade food can sometimes take. Today, I wanted to talk to you about "Semi Homemade Crafting". I think sometimes people don't attempt to craft because they feel overwhelmed by the time, energy, and supplies one needs to craft. Take an Easter gift. Let's say you want to give the children in your life something homemade for their Easter baskets. That's great! But then time starts speeding-up and you start to feel overwhelmed and the next thing you know, it's Holy Saturday and you are desperately cruising the local drug store for last minute Easter gifts. Grabbing toddler-slobbered stuffed rabbits and weeks old jelly beans. That scenario isn't going to make anyone happy on Easter morning.

What if, instead, you cut yourself a break? Instead of planning to weave your own basket, sew a life-sized, stuffed rabbit, and make your own marshmallows for Peeps(TM),you just picked ONE of those activities? I'm guessing you might feel little less overwhelmed and might get things ready sooner rather than later. I'm also SURE you will feel a lot less guilty on Easter morning. This Easter, my ONE homemade contribution is a small bunch of felt, stuffed carrots, perfect for all the (store bought) stuffed bunnies that will be hopping into our house. (They get hungry you know.) A little project like this makes me feel like I put a personal, loving touch to the holiday without losing my sanity. And, since the carrots are handsewn, they are the perfect thing to work on while I'm vegging out in front of the television in the evenings.

How are you making your Easter semi homemade?

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Eggcellent Easter Crafts

Easter Crafts using Smoothfoam Eggs

I love using Smoothfoam eggs for my Spring projects. Why? Because I HATE blowing out egg shells! But seriously, I thought I would share a few ideas of ways I have used the eggs for my crafts. Oh! And I threw in one Christmas project too, so save a couple of eggs for December too!Continue Reading

Doodled Snack Tray

Make a Doodled Snack Tray:

My little family loves to have what we call "Cocktail Hour" on the weekends. It usually happens in the afternoon. My husband makes a fun, new cocktail for the adults and mixes up a Shirley Temple for my daughter. I create a fancy little snack tray, and then we sit around together, talk about theContinue Reading

Right Brainers in Business 2015 Video Summit

Sailboat Quote copy

I am currently in the midst of taking the Right Brainers in Business Video Summit. I signed-up on a whim and I'm so glad I did! People who know me best usually tell me that I have the ability to switch between my right (creative) and left (business) sides of my brain, but sometimes thatContinue Reading

Introducing the Mod Melter!

Mod Podge Melts Selection

My buddies at Plaid asked me to share the news that the Mod Podge Mod Melter is now available! Remember the accessories my daughter and I created with Mod Melts? Well, I used a Mod Melter for that project. It's an updated version of the glue gun. What I love most about the new ModContinue Reading

The Lifecycle of a Sketch: Meet Annabelle


I thought it might be fun to trace the journey of a piece of artwork from sketchbook to finished product(s) today. Here's the story of Annabelle, a recent sketch I did. It all started with a little sketch. One day, I sketched a few characters. Just for fun. And then I named them all. (KnowContinue Reading

Easy DIY Tote Bag & A Giveaway!

DIY Tote Bag by Laura Bray Designs

My regular readers know my love of tote bags. I take them shopping (to save the environment) and I have one designated for each of my daughter's activites. I even have one packed and ready so, when we are out and about, my daughter has a few things to keep her busy and maybe aContinue Reading

Organizing Paperwork in Your Home

Organizing Paperwork::

I think one of the biggest struggles in our home is to harness the constant flood of paperwork that comes into our house. Between mail and schoolwork, it feels like a constant battle. Especially for a neat freak like me! I hate clutter. And I especially don't like piles of paper on my counters andContinue Reading

Creating a Meal Planning Process

Meal Planning Ecourse! It

I have some exciting news! I'm offering a new ecourse. One of my goals for 2015 is to write lifestyle ebooks and ecourses that will help creative and busy women (like you!) get a bit more organized. Now you probably hear "organized" and think Martha Stewart. Which is scary because who has time to beContinue Reading

Inspiration & Learning

Artist Inspiration at Library: Laura Bray Designs

I've written about how important it is for me to find organic inspiration in a world where are constantly bombarded by other people's ideas and images. One of the ways that I have recently learned to find some inspiration is to go to my library and do research before I begin a project. I feelContinue Reading