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Ranch Popcorn


Tis the season for flavored popcorn. Before you know it, the stores will have precarious towers of tins of popcorn stacked in the aisles. Avoid the embarrassment of crashing into them, and eating the substandard flavored popcorn inside, by making your own Ranch-flavored popcorn for gift giving and entertaining. It's a snap to make and, at least at my house, it gets gobbled up in mere minutes.


  • 10 cups plain popcorn. You can use air popped, traditional popcorn or even my "homemade" microwave popcorn.
  • 1/4 cup of butter, melted
  • 2 tsp. ranch dressing mix (dry)
  • Salt to taste

Toss all the ingredients together and serve. Feel free to adjust seasonings to taste.

DIY Sushi Costume: Sushi Headband

Make a Felt Sushi Headband:

Thanks for all the love for my DIY Sushi Costume last week. I promised to share a tutorial to make sushi headband, so here we go…. Supplies: Kunin Eco-fiPlus(TM) Premium felt in green, white, black, pink Headband Chopsticks Craft glue Instructions: To make felt sushi Cut a strip of pink felt measuring 1" x 6".Continue Reading

DIY Sushi Costume

Sushi Costume by

Last year, my daughter saw Angela Daniel's tutorial for a sushi costume and loved it. She apparently never forgot it either because the answer to, "What do you want to be for Halloween?" was "Sushi!". So I pulled out my felt and created a costume for her. My daughter's school only allows the children toContinue Reading

DIY Candy Corn Decor with Foam Cones

Candy Corn II

Foam cones aren't just for Christmas trees! A little paint and glitter and you can turn them into sparkling candy corn, just in time for Halloween! Supplies: Foam cones in any size White, orange, and yellow paint Clear glitter Instructions: Divide the cone into thirds, paint the top third white, the second third orange, andContinue Reading

Boho Tassels


I love the bohemian style-especially the pom pom and tassel embellishments. Pom poms and tassels are really easy to create so it's a snap to add the trend to your home. Just add them to pillows, throws, your purse, necklaces and you'll will instantly be on trend. Last month, I shared a tutorial on theContinue Reading

DIY Whiteboard Erasers

Make a White Board Eraser with Black Felt:

My daughter's school is pretty environmentally aware for example, in her classroom she uses a personal whiteboard to do some of her classwork. At the beginning of the year, the teacher requested that the children bring something to use to erase their whiteboards-an old sock was suggested. An old sock? They obviously had no ideaContinue Reading

Apple Centerpieces

Fall Apples

Is there anything better than apples + fall? Apples will take you from Back to School through Thanksgiving, so making apple themed home decor accessories is a great use of your crafting time. I painted some Smoothfoam apple shapes in red, green, and yellow, placed them in a bowl, and instantly refreshed our home. IndividualContinue Reading

Taking Back Weekends

Take Back Your

Lately, we've been been feeling like our weekends are slipping through our fingers. Between chores, errands, and boredom, we find ourselves dissatisfied by Sunday night, bemoaning the fact that another weekend flew by us. Because I'm the planner in the family, I know I need to remedy this. I just read this great little mini-bookContinue Reading

Free Printable Planner Stickers

Free Printable Planner Stickers at

I'm popping in quickly today to let you know I have a little giftie for you. Free planner printables. I designed these using my original artwork. They would be great to use if you have started a creative planning tradition with your children. Be sure to hop over and see what my design team member,Continue Reading

Creative Business Coach: What to write in your newsletters

Tips for writing a newsletter for your creative business//

In my newsletter this week, I shared some tips about writing content for your newsletters.It seems like every time I recommend that someone use electronic newsletters as part of their marketing plan, I get the same response-they don't know what they should write about.. Newsletter content doesn't have to be scary or overwhelming and toContinue Reading