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Advent Activities Printable from www.laurabraydesigns.comI don't know about you, but I can't believe it's time to start our Advent Activities!  I spent the morning looking for our Advent Calendar House in the garage.  I could have sworn I put it away last year with the intention of making easy to access and find.  It must grown legs and moved though because it took me five boxes, a search of the garage and our hall closet before I found it.  Note to self…write down EXACTLY where you pack it this year!

At our house, I put holiday activity ideas into our Advent Calendar in lieu of candy. One trick I've found that works best for dealing with the Advent Activities is to keep a list in my desk that tells me which activities I scheduled for each day.  That way, when you have a busy day you weren't expecting or if the weather doesn't cooperate, you can sneak down and switch out whatever was planned.  Seriously, this little trick has saved me from a nervous breakdown and my daughter from disappointment many times over the years that we've been doing this.

To help inspire you, I've added some simple printables for you to download.  One is a sheet of activities for you to cut out and use for your Advent Activites and the other is a simple scheduling sheet.  I hope these come in handy for you!

Advent Calendar Activites

Advent Calendar Schedule

2014 Update! Be sure to check-out all these other great ideas for kids!


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  1. Laura Kelly says:

    LOVE these ideas.  Thanks for sharing your awesome ideas and spirit.  XOXO

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