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Easter Basket Beauty Shot

Easter is almost here! Can you believe it? When I was growing-up Easter at our house was on par with Christmas. My parents didn't believe in "spoiling" us by buying us gifts for no reason, but they would more than make up for it on the holidays. So, while our friends would get one basket with some candy and maybe a little toy, we would get about four baskets each, filled with gifts and candy. My husband was knocked out by the extravagance that was Easter when he spent the holiday with my family for the first time. Of course, we've converted him and he piles on the gifts just like the rest of us now.

But let's talk truth. It's not really the presents. It never was. It was about the childhood joy of hunting for and finding baskets. And the more baskets you had, the more hunting you could do. My mom must have spend hours hiding baskets because they were hard to find and, considering she was hiding four baskets for each of her four children, well you do the math!

My project for the Creating with Joy blog this month was to create a personalized basket using the Joy letters because, if you were a child with siblings, you know how important it is to know if that basket you just found tucked behind the curtains is yours or your sisters. Monogramming baskets take the guess work out of it. Just don't forget to set the rule that no one can giveaway the location of another's basket. Because, you know, that's cheating. You can get the full tutorial for making the Monogrammed Easter Basket here.

Wishing you baskets full of Easter joy,

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  1. Lynda Kanase says:

    Hi Laura. The lettering is beautiful on this basket. Very nice.

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