Mother’s Day Musings Series: Favorite Creative Books

Favorite Creativity Books for Kids:

Ready for some more motherly advice? Last week, I shared some of my favorite child-rearing books, this week I wanted to share some recommendations for my favorite craft books. All of these books have wonderful advice for introducing creativity into your family's life. Creativity has been one of the most important ways my daughter and I bond. I try to do a very focused project with her at least once a week, often more. Sometimes it's a planned project and other times it's just about sitting in my studio together working on our individual projects. All I know is that, at nine years old, my daughter is amazingly creative and I see her apply that creativity to many aspects of her life. From crafting, to playing the piano, to writing, her creative output is amazing. I see her use art as a way to cope with her changing emotions. She uses her drawing skills to make friends. She entertains herself for hours on end by utilizing her creative powers. Screen time has never really been a problem at our house, because she's usually too busy working on a "project" to even ask for it.

I look forward to seeing how our creative practices change with each developmental stage. One thing I know, if she's drawing or creating, and I ask the right questions, she'll often open up much more than if we were having a face to face conversation. With her creative mind engaged and her hands moving, she allows me to see a bit more vulnerability and is often open to hearing my side of the story. I have found that being creative can relax a person and I think that's why we are able to have some difficult conversations, without drama, when we have them over the studio table.

If you are interested in bringing more creativity into your home and your child's life, these books are a great place to start.

I've been a fan of Amanda Soule for years. I love her blog and this book is filled with great ideas for infusing creativity into your daily life. I also love her other book, The Rhythm of Family: Discovering a Sense of Wonder through the Seasons.

This book is less about art and more about bringing creativity and imagination into your life. It is filled with fun projects that will engage you and your child even if you aren't really crafty. I've had it for years, and we still open it up on regular basis and get inspired. Check-out their blog to get an idea of all the goodness this book offers.

This book is great if you are new to crafting. It is good for the younger kids, but don't disregard it if you have children who are a bit older. The simplicity of the projects are great for them to pick-up the book and do a project all on their own. The author also has a wonderful blog.

Again, this is really helpful for those of you with younger children. I loved her ideas for setting-up an "art atelier" and how this book marries creativity and learning together in a beautiful way.

We have just discovered this one. We have borrowed it from the library a few times already. (Which must mean that it's time to buy it!) Good for all ages. Check-out the blog too.

Those should be enough to get you started! Be sure to check-out the website links I included, it will give you a really good idea of the types of projects you'll find in these books. If you want to order one, please click on the image of the book. It will lead you to Amazon via my affiliate account so not only will you get to buy a great book, you'll be helping me support my family.

These books would make great Mother's Day gifts for the moms in your life. They are inspiring, and will help mom come up with some quality ways to spend time with her children and still have fun herself. They would also make an excellent and unique shower gift.

Do you have any books to add to this list? Leave your recommendations in the comments below.




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