Family Adventures: Getty Museum

Tips for Families Going to The Getty Museum

My family is dedicated to going on at least one family adventure each month. Although it can sometimes feel hard to get out of the house on the weekends, we find that we're always much more refreshed if we push ourselves to get out and explore. These are field notes about our adventures.

On our last museum visit, we went to the La Brea Tar Pits and Page Museum. My husband is a scientist and I'm more of an arts and literature kind of girl, so we alternate our museum trips between science and the arts. This month it was art museum time and we went to the mothership of all art museums. The J.Paul Getty! The museum has an extensive collection that includes some major masterpieces, so I was really excited to share it with my daughter. Her school has an Art Masters program and it was great to be able to show her an actual Picasso and Van Gogh because she has studied about those artists at school. Here are our tips for enjoying your next trip to the Getty.

Tips for Families Going to The Getty Museum

Bruce and Liv at the Getty

Before You Go:

  • Check-out the Getty website's Kids and Family page. It has lots of tips for prepping your children to go to the museum.
  • Plan your meals. If you want to pack your lunch, keep in mind that the picnic area is by the parking structure. So, if you are at the museum and get hungry, you will need to ride the tram down, eat, and then get back on the tram. The tram lines can be long. If you decide to eat at the museum, they have a few options. Many of which involve eating outside. We were there on a cold and rainy day and it was kind of miserable. The views are stunning though, so on a good weather day, this is a great option. If you want to splurge, try The Restaurant, but make reservations ahead of time-they fill up fast. Also keep in mind that the food services keep limited hours.
  • Parking is tricky. We got there at noon on a holiday weekday and spent 45 minutes circling the parking structure looking for a space. You might want to plan to get there early.

When You Are There:

  • The museum itself is hugs and beautiful. It's a cluster of buildings, so you have to go outside quite a bit and there's a lot of walking. Dress for the weather as you will be in and out all day.
  • The parking lot is at the base of a hill and you need to take a tram up to the museum.
  • When you get there, be sure to go to the Family Cart and pick up some Art Detective Cards. We all had fun following along with them.
  • Pick one thing each family member wants to see. The museum is overwhelmingly large and it was better for us to know where we were going and what we wanted to do. Attention spans can dwindle, so make sure you get everyone's choices in and any extras will just be a bonus!

Illuminated Monogram I

When You Get Home:

  • During our visit, we looked for inspiration for our arts and crafts time. The whole family loved the illuminated manuscripts we saw and we were inspired to create our own versions. I created a fancy envelope to send to my sister and Olivia created a plaque with her initial to hang on her door. Instead of gold leafing we used gold pens. The great things about her creating a piece inspired by the visit was that it was like a homemade souvenier. She will always remember our family adventure to The Getty when she looks at her creation.

Illuminated MonogramII

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