Tween Crafts

Tween Memo Board 2

When I started this blog, way back in 2007, my daughter was two years old. She was my muse. Most of my crafts were very cute, and they were geared towards toddler and then elementary-aged girls. Flash forward to 2016. My daughter is almost 11 and is heading off to middle school next year. My baby toys and crafts aren't really being to much use anymore.(*Sniff*) So I've come to a point in my design work where I need to decide if I am going to grow my designs alongside my daughter. Of course, I could still create craft tutorials for the moms out there who still have little ones, but I really like having my samples played with and used around here. One of the driving factors of my blog and business is to create projects that are useful as well as crafty and pretty and I feel like continuing to design projects for little children goes against my "craft it to use it" philosophy.

Something Blue Headband

But a tween? I can't count the number of times I've complained to myself lately that the tween age group doesn't inspire me. That I don't know what tweens like or want. But you know what? I need to remember I felt exactly the same way about babies, then toddlers, then elementary-aged girls and I always found my way. I found my way by applying my creativity to find solutions to the challenges of motherhood-from keeping my daughter's beautiful hair out of her eyes to finding ways to keep her entertained at dinner and I will find my way as we enter the tween years, the teenage years (gulp), the college years, and on and on. Accessories, school supplies, room decor-are all things tweens want and need and I'm sure I'll come up with ideas that I could never have imagined before I began to mother a tween. I hope you'll come on this journey with me. We live in a wonderful time right now. A time when women can grow their businesses and brands right alongside their children. Isn't that amazing?

Altoid Dollhouse

If you still have littles, all my past projects are still here and I hope you will visit them. But I invite you to read the new posts too as I'm hoping to blaze a trail for you.

Now, after that long-winded essay, I want to introduce you to one of my very first tween-specific projects! A Memo Board! In pink and black flowers, which I've been told is a most excellent color combination according to a certain 10 going on 11 year old I know. And it makes me happy because I'm going to use it as a tool to help my daughter be just a little more responsible and independent when it comes to preparing for her day. You can find the full tutorial over in my guest post on Eileen Hulls' beautiful blog. Here's to growing as mothers right alongside our children!

Tween Memo Board 1

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Pretty Pencil Holder


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Herb Pot Place Settings

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