Coloring Books: Creativity’s “Gateway Drug”

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I'm super excited to announce that I have an illustration in the upcoming issue of The Coloring Studio (available June 1 at your local bookstore or online). While I've had crafts published in books and magazines this my first published illustration. As I was flipping through my advance copy of the issue, I was thinking about how this whole adult coloring trend just seems to keep gaining momentum, more and more coloring books come out everyday. It got me thinking about coloring and why it's so popular.

Of course, there's the nostalgia of coloring. Who doesn't transport immediately back to their childhood when they open a big box of crayons? (Crayola's 64 pack with a sharpener in the back was the Rolls Royce of crayons, right?) I would sit for hours with my friends, my siblings, and my mom, coloring away. Even adults who didn't know how to relate to kids could get into coloring with you. But I think this trend goes beyond that. Coloring is typically our first foray into creativity. You don't hand a toddler an embroidery sampler and tell them to get to it. You hand them a box of crayons a big coloring book and pray they don't color on the walls. Coloring is where your future in creativity begins and, I would hazard to say, it's also often where it ends. Too many children, when they outgrow coloring books, put their creative dreams aside along with their crayons. And maybe this coloring craze is tapping into that. It's where adults who say they aren't creative or artistic, feel comfortable. And maybe they are comfortable there because that's when they last felt the most creatively free.

If that's true, if coloring was/is the turning point of welcoming or shunning your creative dreams, let's all hope this coloring trend continues on and, as you tire of your coloring pages and colored pencils, you won't walk away from your creative spark, but rather find a new way to dive even deeper and let your creative spirit free. May you move onto paints, thread, charcoal, or clay. Creativity is the one addiction that can and should be encouraged.

Color on my friends!

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P.S. Do you live in Southern California and want to up your coloring game? To celebrate my publication in The Coloring Studio, I'm teaching classes in the fine art of coloring! Get the class descriptions and schedule here.



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